Chaos Wastes Bug: Pinging can cause crashes on nurgle maps

There is a reoccuring problem that happends in the chaos wastes which leads either to CTD or just crash from the game. The affected maps are ones where you have the curse which involves the spirit following you or hexed enemies (nurgle). Pinging/tagging them can cause the crash. Does not happend 100% of the time, but it seems it can be if you ping one just as they are dying or something of the sort. As a Witch Hunter Captain, some of your talents rely on you pinging and being afraid of doing it on Nurgle maps is a bit annoying :slight_smile:

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A crash log/copy paste of the crash report would be real handy for this one, if you have it!

I don’t recall ever getting it with this particular bug, usually you get the send/don’t send option. But this just send you straight to desktop without any explenation

Attach the session console log file at %AppData%\Fatshark\Vermintide 2\console_logs instead. Locate the log that corresponds with the particular session in which your issue occurred (dates and times [in GMT] are in the filenames).

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