Will There Be Endgame Rewards For Chaos Wastes?

Like, something winning players can take into a new run, but the next run gets a bit harder?

For example: You win, each player in your party gets to pick from 3 rewards; they could be:
A level 300 weapon (Boosts the weapon you bring in to 300 instead of the default 250). This goes up with every lap completed (300/350/400/500).
A perk/trait to start with.
Or start with more Coins.

The rewards (and the difficulty) raise with every completed lap, until being lost upon losing.

Would make beating the Citadel more impactful. As it is, winning is literally no different from losing; there’s no ending either way, you keep 25% of your coins either way, and you earn nothing either way.


I would actually like some more impactful rewards for completing the citadel. Perhaps citadel progress could be reset every time (you need to do all 3 before having access to the citadel, and it only lasts for one citadel run), but it provides some substantial reward. Perhaps not even just for Chaos Wastes, but for the main game as well (perhaps unlocking a level 35 talent row for the career you complete the citadel with?).


So, I only get 1 shot at the citadel every 4 hours of game time and I have no control over who my quickplay team mates are? No thanks. This game is already far too grindy. Sounds horrendous.

Will There Be Endgame Rewards For Chaos Wastes?

The Weaves are the end game content. The whole point of the Wastes is that grind DOESN’T matter - whether players have only red or only grey items in their inventory everybody starts the wastes off at the same point (as long as you have got to level 35).

Except the CW feels like Weaves 2.0; it’s randomly generated, it has actual story, and it’s meant to be a roguelike.
And any roguelike worth its salt gives you a reward for beating it, for the next loop.


And you have that reward - 3 chests.

That’s a reward you can get anywhere. There should be a reward to further the Chaos Wastes themselves.

Why are people against this? It’s fleshing out a very shallow (but fun) rogue-lite mode into a more in-depth experience.


It would just add grind to a refreshingly grindless mode in an otherwise overly grindy game.

Please keep the barrier to entry for the Wastes low. If you enjoy pointless “progression” mechanics then just play Weaves or Adventure mode.

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How does adding an actual reward for winning = grind?
How does it raise the barrier of entry?

It’s a reward for your next run, not a grind mechanic.
Because, right now, there’s 0 difference between winning and losing.

Either the “reward” like the extra power or coins or whatever, like you suggested in your original post, makes the next run much easier/boring or, like you suggest in your original post, you get the reward and the difficulty of the next run increases. This might be fine for pre-made teams but would suck for quickplay - you’ll just get a bunch ofdouchebag gatekeepers that are so adverse to losing that they kick people whoever haven’t made the necessary “progress” in the keep. You see this behaviour all the time in the adventure mode - not level 35 in legend: kick, no cata frame: kick, etc. The whole point of weaves is that starting gear is irrelevant. Let’s keep it that way.

How would this even work in quickplay? If I have completed 10 cata runs successfully and decide to host, am I hosting Cata, Cata +5, Cata+10? And who are the players that can join my game through matchmaking? It sounds like a great recipe for playerbase fragmentation, or will we just get vanilla Cata games where one player begins with a bunch of mad buffs and carries everyone else?

I’d be in favour of something that showed repeated conpletions like the gradually improving frames for deeds although NOT every 100 completions.

Chaos wastes is very shallow and gimmicky in that there’s no real point after the first five-ten expeditions even going there. I’ve seen all it has to offer and in its current state it runs on hope. Players basically hope for something crazy to happen with their build and often spend runs following someone else with the crazy build.

Even something as simple as changing the glowy effects on your red weapons to match the citadel/god you’ve beaten would be fun. Red weapons if you beat khorne, pink for slannesh, blue for tzeentch and so on., reseting each time the order is changed.

Once you’ve completed it a couple of times it’s back-to-basics for the first couple of maps and hope for something good from then on. I’ve had 70% of my time in chaos wastes as a walking simulator while I cruise through behind someone lightning bolt or explosive shot everything. Not much fun or longevity there.

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