Will FSR 2.0 be updated to 2.1 or 2.2?

I use FSR 2.0 quality and it’s great at 3440 x 1440p with a 25 fps increase.

Any plans to update it? 2.0 is too blurry in motion, even on moving shadows on the ground.

FSR 2.0 vs 2.1 comparison in another game:


wondered this myself, FSR 2.1 is leagues ahead of 2.0 in terms of clarity.


fsr 2.1 would be awesome, the ghosting in 2.0 is crazy.


Yea it would be really appreciated.


I do quite hope they will update it to 2.2 given it requires little work (since 2.0 is already in). Will help reduce the ghosting and further improve the upscaling quality on smaller detailed stuff.

Plus it will be a marketing move since it will mean sites and YouTube channels will report about it, which gives the game free positive advertising.

Keep i mind this also benefits everyone, since
FSR allows all gpu users to use it (Amd, Nvidia, and Intel), unlike dlss which is Nvidia only. So the development time spent in updating the code will help 100% of the community.


This would be so good to see implemented. I wonder if we can get a yes/no/maybe from the devs on this anytime soon.


There is an easy universal mod that replaces DLSS files with FSR 2.1.2 files that works for various games like Red Dead Redemption 2 / Cyberpunk / DOOM Eternal / Horizon Zero Dawn and so on.

Unfortunately, the launcher will flag it and the game will not launch.

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FSR 2 even in quality has a drastic terrible impact in visual quality.

Other games have not such visual loss with FSR 2+ implementations.


^ FSR 2.0 only downside is ghosting but overall great visual quality and image stability.

Already spent 33 hours on the game since beta. I really hope the devs update FSR to 2.1 or 2.2


I am hoping they push the 2.2 update into the game.

Not only does it include all the 2.1 improvements (better quality, fixes ghosting, lower overheard, etc)
But it also Adds features that help with high speed movement games (like racing) which have alot of issues on both dlss and fsr with upscaling, due to the frames changing so quickly and more “wooshy” textures being used to simulate the high speed movements.

I defenetly feel Darktide qualifies as a high speed game given your constantly moving quickly, swinging an melee weapon, and trying to spot special enemies in hords of hundreds of running plauge dudes.

Not to mention it would be a good marketing move they can play for both PC and console. It would get them into a lot of news articles.


Please Fatshark update FSR or at least drop the dll in the game files just like DLSS. That way I can replace it with FSR 2.1.dll

Even if they did have the DLL out in the wild, EAC will just not let you run the game. Tried this by messing with DXVK stuff and replacing the DirectX DLLs, EAC doesn’t like them and won’t let you play.

Still playing the game and still hoping for an updated FSR.

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Maybe next year or whenever Nvidia says they can.

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FSR 2.2 source code has been released publicly (big dev teams like FS had access to it prior for months).

Today, I saw about 3 Indy (or small group) developers today release news articles on steam about how they have successfully " upgraded" their game already from 2.0 to 2.2 in under a day.

Fatshark could easily get this done with their resources and roll it into the next major update, and in my opinion, it is something we need very quickly.

This game is optimized like crap regardless of the hardware you have. One of the largest priorities for FS in my opinion should be fixing the engine and hardware bugs, optimizing code and textures, and optimizing maps and other stuff to improve performance. Do that, please FS.

While upscalers are not supposed to be a solution for the bad and unoptimized coding in the game engine, at this point atleast it makes the game actually playable for many people.

Updating the game from FSR 2.0 to 2.2 is a sorly needed thing to help many people out, since it fixes many issues with the 2.0 version (mostly ghosting and shimmering, but also added a debug API took, which is great for developers troubleshooting issues relat d to upscalers). FSR 2.2 also has a plethora of other optimizations too compared to 2.1, which was already an improvement over 2.0 (what Darktide uses) (see attached).

Fatshark, for the love of god, please update FSR ASAP to 2.2. There are literal 2-3 man development teams for popular games that are beating you guys to getting this tech upgraded/implemented.


As someone with an 6800XT playing at 5120x1440 I’m essentially required to use FSR(Low vs High setting is only the difference between ~40 to 55 FPS without FSR). The problem with using FSR 2.0 in Darktide currently is that it has extremely noticeable ghosting which for me, hampers my gameplay experience. It’s hard to shoot horizontally running enemies when there’s a huge ghost trail behind them.

I would really like to see an implementation of FSR 2.1 or 2.2 as a fairly high priority. This is a tech that’s compatible with all GPU’s, and with FSR 2.0 already implemented, I’d imagine it’s not an extremely time consuming process to get 2.1 or 2.2 into the game.

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Found this cool article that the developers of Scorn wrote about fsr implementation.

Even when they (scorn team) where a super small team (and still are smaller than Darktide team, and alot worse funded) that after they did all their optimizations to the game, they easily implemented fsr 2.1 in alot less time than they expected.

"The implementation process took us less time than we initially thought it would, and this meant so much to us since we were already on a tight schedule in relation to the deadlines we had set. "

They say the main reason they NEEDED FSR was to help with console performance. They did a significant amount of optimization to the game prior to this, but the optimizations where not enough to get it smoothly running on the aging concole hardware.

"After profiling, we found out that we were heavily GPU bottlenecked on lots of locations in the game. An optimization pass, mostly focused on LOD and instancing, helped to a certain extent but we were still heavily pixel-bound on specific locations in the game. "


Scorn did optimizations to engine, textures, and effects first (something Darktide needs badly!). After that, then they implemented FSR 2.1 in alot less time than they expected due to a need to get it running smoothly on the aging consoles.

Side note:
The scorn team announced they will update to fsr 2.2 for even better quality and performance.


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Yea, it would be great to have fsr updated to 2.2.

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FSR 2.2 plugin came out (open source) for unreal 4 and 5 engine. Expect to see more games with it (yay).

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I second this. I have to use fsr even though im only playing in 1080p. The blurriness of the picture and the artifacts are headache inducing after some time. I really wish we could use the latest fsr tech.

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