Why we stopped playing V2- lack of possibility to test out different builds on even many heroes/traits combos due to RNG

This is not “I quit just so you know” post but I want to highlight imo a big problem in V2. Which is lack of possibility to have fun with different builds due to stupid RNG that is EVERYWHERE in this game.

Seriously, you can’t even grind out (well you can, but it takes hunders of hours to do it for one character) one hero- I have 300h on Slayer doing only Legend and still didn’t get all red weapons for dwarf. There are still some weapons that I would like to try different properties combos/traits and finding breakpoints etc.

Hell, I can’t even test new builds in semi-manner cause I have ZERO green dust, while swimming in blue and orange dust.

I would like to test LongBow huntsman properties/trait combos. I would like to try range with fully geared (max stats) crossbow, I would like to run Merc Kruber with stacked +Power vs Chaos on His Halberd plus handgun. And a lot more.

But since EVERY DAM THING in this game is RNG on RNG on top of RNG I just can’t. Even if they fix green dust it would still take me hours to roll everything just to test things out.

Seriously, for me this is my major flaw with game- In V1 properties/traits didn’t have that big of an impact on Cata like they have now in V2 on Legend. Not to mention since game does give ZERO information about enemy HP, damage taken etc. you pretty much blindly test out breakpoints/damage bonuses and try to figure out if it changed anything or not.

Honestly I would like to just have possibility to try out everything, test new things everyday etc.

Why did you decide to put everything into RNG Fatshark is beyond me. You thought RNG is the way to keep players playing. Well, I think not.

I am just saying that from my personal experience, but like 2 months ago I had regulary about 20-30 people in friend list playing V2. Now is like 3-4 max in peak. Whole my group also gave up. Not because of burn out- but RNG everywhere. Nothing is sure, you can’t plan your build, you can’t test out new things, you can’t be even sure if you will be rewared by the end of hard run and not getting 3x blue items…

Eh, in case of loot system FS you seem to have stoppped in early 2000s when Korean MMOs was a thing…


Completely agree with you. But I keep playing anyway, cause gameplay is fun.

I agree, but there is a point where frustraition start to overshadow the fun. Fun is there, gameplay is solid. Hence why I think all that RNG is unnecessary. It won’t keep players playing longer. Gameplay will.

For us right now it’s on hold for last 3 weeks till FS fix something or mods will finally go out and maybe fix that loot system.


I feel ya. When I started playing I had this grand plan that I’d collect 15 trinkets,15 charms and 15 necklaces and every weapon for every character so I could freely experiment with custom builds. Little did I know. It’s especially infuriating when I get 3 items from a legend emperors chest and it’s 2 orange ones,one blue and all 3 of them below PL 300.

I have over 500 blue dust, over 400 orange dust and…0 green dust. I tried farming green dust on veteran/champion but it’s just so extremely boring.


FS have absolutely no clue how legend works because they don’t play it, so yeah,wouldn’t count on the numbers on that difficulty ever making any sense. I find it funny that when I HS a regular chaos mob with the fireball LMB attack I still need to do another attack unless I crit. I mean,they go down with 2 body shots,so why bother for HS at all if the means to get the result are the same?

100% agree… we simply CAN’T PLAY part of the game… I would like try new builds, new career… I can’t, and it isn’t my fault.
Blue dust in green dust? It would be useless. We need new mechanics, I don’t know, a solid way to get reds, a new craft system. PLEASE Fatshark.


Because if you haven’t any content you need to slow down the player by rng, aka grinding.
And if you are not in the mood of testing anything, you don’t realize that it breaks your game. See green dust. etc. etc.

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Whilst I appreciate your opinion, you don’t speak for everyone. I for one like RNG, I actually wish there were more stats variables on items. I want to fine tune my character and the only way to do that is have MORE options. I think penetration should be a stat, and cooldown reduction on more than just one item. There is already a system in place to cater to people who don’t like RNG and that is red items rolling max stats, and also rerolling item traits.

Some of us just wish to try different things without first spending hundreds of hours to maybe even have a chance to test out new stuff. But I understand some people have too much time and like RNG.


I keep playing because I find the game fun.

Red is RNG. Rerolling is RNG combined with the fact green dust doesn’t exist so you can’t actually reroll much at all once you have any respectable time in game

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ye…agree with everyone.

As the green dust is big issue, i stop crafting. cos if by any miracle I find a Red weapon in my kinder egg (1 per 200hours for now), i will never be able to reroll it, so it would be frustrating…
but it s still fun when no crash, no instant deat bug, stuck pat in the middle of the way, ninja pat, ninja double special doing air combo like flamethrow push+blight storm air projection+blight hook, no chaos spawn + ambush in a speleology dead end cavern vein straight after the hord… with a good team (i m not gone start complaining again about toxic behaviour and audience quality drop since V1)…beside that i t s fun.

So let s follow FS strategy that in a way encourage not playing the game cos : don t do deed it s bugged, dont open your chest ranald will be patch, dont do that you ll crash…etc…and lets support Fs who s working hard by not leaving the game…

I suggest to play for the fun (like a good friend is online : lets see how is it today in v2) without insisting with crappy team, and without opening any vault. so no frustration. and in this way player preserve part of the game for when it will be ready…in some month, maybe… with the holy promised dedicated server that will nuclear blast the gaming experience.

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@Benny89 Maybe stick to games that aren’t as RNG dependant as RPG’s etc mate. I mean, if they are causing you so much distress. There are plenty of games out there with cheat codes that will appeal to your sense of entitlement.

Jokes aside, it just occurred to me that they are releasing the modding tools for V2 soon, so maybe you can make a mod where you edit your weapon type and weapon mods mid game to try them out. The more I think of it the more that sounds like a good idea. I wish I knew how to make mods because I think people would appreciate that.

I apologise, I should have made it more clear. Yes rerolling a red STILL has RNG, however, the variables are greatly reduced. As in, on oranges you have to hope for rolling the first Stat you want, then rolling the second stat you want with the first, then rolling each value between minValue MaxValue. Then rolling trait. Where as red you just roll for the stat combination you want, maxValue. Then roll trait.

I’m not sure why I always hear people saying they have no green dust. Yes I know it is a problem, however, FS has acknowledged this and has stated they are bringing in a system to fix it very soon. I have 259 hrs on record so far and am no where near bottoming out on green dust. Having said that, I don’t reroll for perfect stats, I roll for [2 stats i need] [top 75% of range] because I know once I get the red I want I’ll need the dust for that. [For my BH though I made sure I was hitting the breakpoints I needed for legendary as he is the only one I use there]

This is probably the best advice in the thread for all of us. Just play with your mates and have fun! After dealing with the family and university study, sometimes I just want to blow off steam by murdering wave upon wave of rats with some mates.

Problem is all my mates stopped playing V2 because of that :smiley: So while advice is good, my friend list is empty as for V2 now :).

I am hardcore gamer who can grind for items, but not through RNG. I can work in game 100h-200h for specific item, but if gaining that item is pure RNG that is just at some point just frustraiting, not entertaining.

It seems Devs think that random trait/property rerolls encourage ppl to try new builds/options… But in reality it does the opposite imo,

it (kinda)works at first when you’re new to the game and just learn stuff(what this trait/property does), but later when you have ideas in mind like making specific builds, either recommended by some1 else or untested, you’re so stuck with same items you’ve got, especially if you think wide, with all heroes and weapons. You dont feel as a build maker at all, when the crafting system is spewing out random nonsense(or with just bad property %es), that you know wont work for you.

Reds ease things, but unless their aquire rate will increase x3-5 times at least, there still be too few of them to make a difference. For those couple reds a player has he rolls meta/best properties and then afraid to change it with random reroll… So ideally for every weapon type you should have 2-3 reds.

What i wouldn’t pay for non-rng properties and traits crafting…

100% true

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I feel ya mate. I always play with my little brother [nohomo] but he just got posted somewhere for 5 months for the army. The feeling sucks, but I loved the game so much I kept playing. Luckily I have found a handful of strangers that I met playing alone that stood out to me as fun people. We added each other to our friends lists and now when ever I jump on there is always someone to play with.

Don’t be afraid to add people, as long as they are the type of person you have fun with!

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