Why two sorcerers in a row as new lord enemies?

As some of you may have noted we’ve got two lord kind of enemies beyond the four in vanilla; Nurgloth and now Sofia. So I’m wondering if anyone, including FS if they would so desire to shed some light on this, knows why two sorcerer enemies in a row instead of like one sorcerer and one warrior lord enemy, for example?

Well that’s easy. By Sigmar, sorcerers are the most heretical of all and easily fall to corruption. One should not trust a witch and always keep an eye for any sign of ill will.

I hope things are now much clearer citizen.
If you come upon any sorcerous blasphemy, please contact me immediately and I’ll… investigate the matter futher.


Apart from the serious concerns of Sorcerous corruption, I think it’s easier to build mechanics for sorcerors than Warrior types. You end up with warriors either being a massive damage sponge(Troll), or swamping the place with chaff enemies to boulster the fight, OR being quite annoying (Minotaur, Spawn) or being too easy (Stormfiend).

Look at the dedicated melee Lord Bosses we have too. Bodvar is easy to kill with the adds being the threat, and Skarrik is a one-shot wendyhouse that lasts less time than a pack of plague monks.


Well for 1, it’s not a Sorcerer (Sorcerer use Daemonic power, lores given by Daemons) but a Necromancer (Use Dhar, with lore invented by the ancients, and developed by people across the ages, like Drachenfels, Nagash, Van Halten…)

And there is much more leeway on what you can do with caster Lords than with a Warrior lord.

I totally agree that the two warrior melee bosses in the game so far are to easy. But I would say that’s not a reason to introduce more difficult warrior lord fights in the game. Remember that one of the options, from my perspective at least, is that there’s alot of stuff that can be added to make warrior bosses more than they currently are.

I am looking at magical items, not just weapons, along with Skaven technology for Skaven warrior lords and gifts and mutations for Rotblood and Beastmen warrior lords.

Digging through official Warhammer material like the supplements (like the army books and more) for the miniature game or RPG supplements offers an almost endless ammount of options to create warrior lords that can put up a solid fight to the Ü5.

I was probably a bit to loose with my wording. I should have used the term “magic user” or “caster” for what I meant with the term “sorcerer”.