Why remove the ability to move in skipscenes

First you make the cut scene at the begging of every mission longer and you take away the ability to move around by toggling the console and being able to goof around . Why? You’re taking away any fun the game has little by little .
I always enjoyed doing goofy things while everyone else was forced to look at it ,as well as having control over my character in these moments. Even if this wasn’t an intended feature which most of the fun things in your game aren’t you should leave it. Forcing people to watch and wait after having them be used to moving is taking something away that’s not doing any harm.

Reasoning is probably to make it so people don’t run ahead of others (who might not even know the “trick” existed).
Which, to be fair, is good reasoning. But yeah… the silly hopping around and doing silly poses was fun.


Yeah, I get why they removed it, but I did enjoy running just into view and then doing the dance of my people by spinning and crouching.


Yeah, it shouldn’t have been removed imo. It allowed you to get almost instantly in to the fight, making the game slightly better

Found out how to still do it but it’s very specific… It’s from vt1 , after the guy finishes talking there is a black loading screen , when that shows up you have to press tab then rightclick and open chat . Someone told me this is what they do and I can confirm it works. I haven’t really had the chance to test if you just press tab in this instance or rightclick or if there is an actual need to press tab since I can’t do it whenever I please and it has to be at the very specific time I tend to miss out on the opportunity.

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I am curious, if they can do anything aside from nerfing?. Like new features, you know. I mean cool, you removed the skip bug, but add an official voting skip then. Is it that hard to implement?

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Nice. Now they will fix it aswell. Thank you very much,

it’s been around since vermintide 1 so the devs know about it

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Sure glad they got their priorities straight. Game is pretty much perfect now that this aweful, game-destroying bug is dead and gone!

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