Nurgloth cut scene. REMOVE IT

Was just playing twitch mode enchanters lair. Took forever for boss cutscene to start. Just as it did a chaos spawn spawned in from the twitch function. It beat the crap out of us during the UNSKIPABLE cut scene. And we instant failed as soon as we were able to control our players again. There is no reason for this cutscene. Nobody likes it and it could easily be replaced with pre dialogue like every other lord enemy.
Please fix this ASAP. This Cutscene initiates poorly enough, with anywhere from 5 seconds to a full minute from entering the arena. We don’t need to lose missions because we can’t defend ourselves during a cut scene.


…or make twitch timer pause during the cutscene.


They should make Twitch work around the cutscene. Not remove the cutscene because of a single gamemode.

I would argue that the other Lords should get a cutscene instead as it is more interesting than watching idiots jumping around while the invincible Lord is holding his welcome speech. There is no reason why they couldnt get a cutscene.

Personally, I have never seen the cutscene taking longer than a second to start after the last person entered the arena.


I like the cut scene, even think every boss should get one. Ain’t nobody got time for a little atmosphere nowadays? :expressionless: Think it should be tweaked around twitch mode or just make players invulnerable during the sequenz.


Damn. I’m a nobody. :’(

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Remove the cut scenes for champion and above as everyone should have already seen it by then and remove it on lower difficulties if twitch is activated.

Or add a hold space bar to skip function.


I think its fine to keep the cutscene.

The cutscene isn’t long at all and for me personally it gives a little time to get ready.

But you could also argue that the little ressuply part before the arena is that ‘get ready’ part, so i also wouldn’t mind if you could skip it, like @SirKruber suggested.

But removing the cutscene because there is an issue with twitchmode, that shouldn’t be the reason. If thats the issue, pausing twitch timer during it would solve it.

A damnable lie!


#1 it is a problem if you get killed during the cut scene. flashbacks of roger knocking everyone off the map during Engines of War loading screen

#2 I don’t know if FS is capable of adding a pause function for Twitch on a specific map during a specific time for a cut scene. It actually would be easier if it was removed entirely.

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The video was recorded in Vermintide 1, not 2!
(Just here as a fact check, don’t take it as an offense)

It’s the same thing as Burblespew’s little speech, or Bodvar’s speech. Rasknits little “YEEEHHAAAAW” speech, and Skarrik even has a little shouty bit.

The issue is with twitch, not the cutscene. How it gets fixed is for technical FS things to happen.

I quite like it, and an incident where a spawn gives you a pummeling and you can’t do anything about it happens load of times in all kinds of places on various maps. Twitch spawns frequently give you a damn good fisting purely based upon the RNG and the position of the spawns in each map. Narrow corridors, a gang of stormers ALL spawning out of sight, many gunners spawning and dropping simultaneously to cause some kind of NAM-flashback crossfire. Twitch is a b*tch like that.

IT shouldn’t be the sole reason to remove a cutscene though.

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It should if you literally cannot defend yourself because of a cut scene…


Obviously in V1 it happened during a loading screen which is different but was still fixed because it’s unfair and unfun. Twitch mode is hard but fun and it should be fair. If you can’t defend yourself because of a cut scene then it needs to be fixed/removed.

Besides, I don’t want to watch a cut scene a million times in a row. It should be removed on higher difficulties as everyone should have seen it at some point by then.

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I can agree to some degree, but that was in VT1 vanilla mode and is probably considered more of a bug than getting a twitch spawn beat you snotless during a cutscene.

Twitch spawn needs to be put on hold and it needs to be fixed, butI still think it’s not enough to get the cutscene removed.

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It’s the same principle. It should not happen if you literally cannot defend yourself.

Nothing should be able to kill players during a forced cut scene.

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You both agree that it shouldn’t happen during a cutscene.

Argonaut is just saying that the cutscene shouldn’t be removed purely because of an issue where twitch votes can come through during the cutscene. The obvious fix here is simply to pause the timer during the cutscene or something similar. We shouldn’t remove the cutscene because of an issue with twitch votes.

If you just wanna remove the cutscene because its a timewaste, then thats fair, but its not the problem of op currently.

Ofcourse if there are alot of players that want to be able to skip the cutscene, then fatshark could just implement the skip and not worry about any pausing for twitch, as players could just skip. This would ofcourse not be ideal, but it could be a solution.

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Maybe you shouldn’t start the lord fight if there is a vote for a boss, elites or specials about to come up?

I don’t understand why we even have the cut scene in higher difficulties. It was great the first few times seeing it but now it’s seriously annoying.

It’s because of the long scenes in that map that make me refuse to play it. I just want to jump in a map, complete, rinse and repeat.

If I want to watch a movie, I turn on Netflix.

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Ok, you can find the cutscene too long and annoying after seeing it for the ‘x’ amount of time, but we shouldn’t start to exagerate.

The cutscene isn’t very long, the map loading screen is probably longer. The cutscene is literally 12 seconds or so.

Why should a cutscene only be removed or skipable on higher difficulties? How is there a correlation between those 2?

You don’t play an entire map because there is a little cutscene of 12 seconds?

Also this is besides the twitch issue, so we should make a new thread, call it something like “enchanter’s lair cutscene, remove, skip or keep it?”

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Hard disagree on removing the cut scene. It takes but a few seconds, looks cool and thematic, and sets the tone for a lord fight. All lord fights should have a cut scene like Nurgloth’s.


I will quit the game if this happens. I’m not paying Fatshark to make movies. I’m paying them to make playable games.

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