Nurgloth cut scene. REMOVE IT

You would quit the game for some 8 second cut scenes? How is this any different from waiting for the other lord fights as is?


Nurgloth cut scene is 12 seconds long.

It’s different because their speeches don’t prevent you from moving and thus getting you killed during a unskippable cut scene via Twitch mode.

Have you not been paying attention?

Right, so you can only get killed during this one mode, if you by chance happen to get a boss vote at the exact same time as the cut scene. Only way this is happening if you’re running hyper twitch and you deliberately march in during the vote into the boss room before clearing the monster. Imagine quitting the game because of this. Imagine even more that you deliberately avoid the map because of this one cut scene.

Imagine a AAA company that has NEVER fixed their buggy cut scenes forcing players to delete their one and only save file if they get stuck.

You must not have played AC Unity. This is the reason why I hate cut scenes now. If a large dev company can’t fix them then what happens if we get buggy cut scenes in the future from indie companies such as Fatshark?

I’d rather not have them.

… so you have cut scene PTSD from another game and different game developer? Cool.

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… so you don’t read any of the posts and judge people based on what? nothing? Cool.

Let me post the video… again. I was there at the beginning of V1 and I remember this and it happened all of the time. It also took ages for it to get fixed.

Now, imagine this on cataclysm… Instant wipe.

What are you on about? What am I judging here? You’re bringing up other game cut scenes, threatening to quit the game for a few second cut scenes before a lord fight, and complaining that you get killed by monsters when the only way that could happen is if you’re running hyper twitch and above, and then deliberately walk into the lord fight while the vote is going off. Like, I feel like I’m missing something here, how does that even happen?

You really can’t read. It happened to the OP, not me. Regardless, you can’t control what the other 3 players in your party do in any match in the game. You’re assuming that all people who play Twitch integration has a premade group. They don’t.

It’s not the player’s fault that the devs didn’t consider Twitch integration when creating the cut scene to Nurgloth. Twitch integration has been in the game for a while now and something should have been done prior to the Enchanter’s Lair official release.

Whether it was an oversight or not, it’s still a problem.

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Actually they should add the “feature” to skip dialogue just by attacking the boss while they talk.
Steemed guests greetings entire party stabs him while he speaks
it just looks silly, let them kill us faster if thats what we all want.


SirKruber, man, take a chill pill… it’s cool to be passionate about things but there’s no need to be toxic to other community members over a disagreement.

The fact of the matter is Twitch integration is done for the memes, jokes and laughs. It’s not a serious game mode. If the RNG gods just so happen to decide you get a rat ogre, a bile troll, or an army of blightstormers during a short cutscene then you have a laugh and move on with your life. There’s no other reason to play Twitch Mode other than the fun of ridiculous events

Generally speaking I agree with you. Death in a cutscene sucks. But damn, you need to relax.


You can simply fix twitch so there’s no issue. The cutscene itself I don’t mind at all, it’s like what 3 seconds long?

Boss fight won’t begin unless all of the players enter the boss arena. So a simple fix for you on this ONE MAP in the whole game is to deal with the vote before entering the arena. You can’t control what other players do but you can control what you are doing and the lord fight won’t start unless all of you enter the arena, simple as that.
Yes it should be fixed but there was never a cutscene like that in the game iirc so they didn’t remember about it and while waiting for a fix you can just use this one simple trick of using your wits and dealing with the vote beforehand.
Also noone cares about AC cutscenes and your cutscene PTSD here.


I didn’t, we waited till we got a different twitch option, like a bomb or potion, we entered the arena. We waited for that timer to expire,…no cutscene started, we continued to wait, got a new timer. That’s waiting 45 seconds. The cutscene started 1 second after the spawn spawned in. The cutscene initiating is inconsistent and sometimes as long as several minutes. It doesn’t work properly with or without twitch mode. If in twitch mode it won’t start until a twitch vote expires. This is the problem. If it was kill it with fire we still would have been killed while completely defenceless. Maybe this is just a console problem. Not sure I don’t play p.c.
But I sure can tell that the only input fatshark takes seriously is from its p.c. Playerbase. We wait months for any issue to be fixed on console, it’s fairly insulting. Personally I wish all console players would uninstall until we get a dedicated team who takes us seriously.

So yeah, in short there is no way to avoid the monster. Even if you have a good option, the game will simply out-wait you and drive a blade into your neck while you are strapped to a table.

This seems like a bug on console then. As on pc i never encountered the issue where a cutscene only initiated after a minute, after everyone was in the arena, and i don’t think anyone else here has had that issue on pc.

Pc also has to wait pretty long for fixes, so console is not alone. Console is however delayed a bit more then pc.

For example the recent health potion fix, while not a big issue or encountered much, it did take them a while to fix it. Either because it was low on their priority list or it just took this long.


Don’t worry, it’s exactly the same on PC. Update pacing is the same as far as I know.

I can’t say if the cutscene functions the same on console as opposed to pc but I just know you need to be towards the middle of the room for any of the lords to come forth, maybe you guys were standing too far back?

Adding cutscenes for Nurgloth is a major improvement. People’s opinions may vary but I know where I stand.

I absolutely think that a cutscene should prevent the timer, spawning an stuff but I think that removing the cutscene is too far.

I say we need Twitch thing to be suspended while cutscene is going (mission start and lord introduction), players to be “invisible” to enemies during a cutscene, introduction to every other lord (Halescourge, Skarrik, Bodvarr, Rasknitt) to be added simply because it looks cool, SirKruber to be said goodbye to and it’s gonna be all ok.

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