Nurgloth cut scene. REMOVE IT

Idk, this whole thread is people making a mountain out of a mole hill.
If such a small thing is getting you this hot and bothered, perhaps its best to take a break for a while.

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So, you see nothing wrong with a Weekly Event modifier killing players during a cut scene?

Okay, guess it’s Working as Intended :laughing:

In most games. the cut scenes actually PAUSE the game. They do not at all in this game. You can even take damage during the beginning loading screen if you have the unfortunate bug of archers spawning in front of you.

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I’d rather see the Sparkling Gift changed/removed.

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Totally agree. The frequency and amount of damage is the same across all difficulties. That definitely needs to be changed.

EDIT: also it shouldn’t affect the bots as the bots are programmed to stay close to you and each other which makes it even harder. The other weekly events like Curse of Comradeship, the effects were removed from the bots. Idky some effects were removed while others remain.

It’s minor but the cutscene wastes time and I don’t think there’s really a good reason for it. Same deal with the initial level loading cutscene.

I think if the difficulty is Cata and all 4 players have seen the cutscene (provided the game can keep track of this, which it should be able to as it can keep track of what Lords you’ve killed so you can do Cata) it should auto skip. Not a fan of waiting for Skarrick either. There’s enough downtime before entering any boss arena, so the cutscene is a bit much imo.

The fight is great, so at least it’s not a disappointing wait like Skarrick is (who could be great if he wasn’t 2 shot).


How 'bout just making it skippable???
I mean if you skip it you can just move around during it, which is fine, if you don’t want to skip it you can finish watching it while others are getting ready.

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