Smash TAB + M2 and continue with opening chat then escape twice to pay respect to

No longer being able to skip cut-scenes anymore.

Yea… looks like they fixed this. I’m sad :frowning:

So we can no longer spawn in and shake erratically while everyone has to watch? Why you take my fun FatShark :frowning:

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No more pushing friends off the docks at the start of the pit while they scream in terror. :frowning:


Pushing them all off in Blightreaper and then escaping in the shadows of the sewer tunnels. :space_invader:

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Good thing they got their priorities still straight and kicking. Fixing bugs that people have ben complaining about since day 1 (or in some cases: day 1 in VT 1)? Nah man, fix cut scene skips yet again nobody asked about that provided nothing but funny shenanigans during a time where the game is loaded and you’re force to sit there and watch the same intro for the ten-millionth time! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also: End-screen-skip also no longer works :frowning:


have to admit i am sad to see this go
it was an amusing bug,
the couple times people went of in blightreaper/pit just to then fall off and then typing, help
while i stand above them, was priceless


You know what, I’m starting to think you are a bad influence. First with convincing me to touch the Gutter-Runner’s stash, now informing me that you pushed players off of the docks…

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