F2 custscene skip fix

So I like the fix for the f2 cutscene skip, because it stops people from blindly running off. I guess there will be mods, that allow you to skip the cutscene completely and correctly (without the camera having to “fly” to your character).
But if you want to do this consistently, you should also fix the other bug, that allows you to skip the cutscene (also, here is the way you still do it, for all the people interested):
Press tab + right mouse button during the black screen when starting a mission, until you can see your cursor.
You should then see the overlay with the player profiles, once the black screen is gone. Now just press enter twice to open the chat and close it again (or similar). The overlay should disappear and you can move, although the intro scene is still going.
Also shown in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQEfk2JVUDc (v1, but also works in v2)

Yes, please focus on this. I cannot sleep at night because people can still skip the cut scenes and get a 5 second head start which they often use for shenannigans and jumping around. Get this out of the game and it is perfect. Highest priority!


omg, I hope this works, gonna test now. I love bouncing my head up and down as the camera rolls in, always gives me a chuckle.


Kinda funny that FS spent their time fixing F2 F2, which people openly asked not to fix, while green dust fix is still not there, though it’s the most demanded change and would have taken LESS time than F2 F2.


This is a cut-scene focused game.