Skip cutscene at beginning of mission

We shouldn’t have to listen to the mission prologue and wait for the camera to fly to our characters (unless you know the bug to move during cutscene) for the 100th time, we play a mission.
I’d like to see an option to skip all that stuff.
My suggestion would be, that if all connected players press e.g. Enter during the prologue, it just skips everything (with a little announcement at the bottom “Press enter to skip” or something).
Similar to the ending screen where it immediately returns when all players pressed the “Return to keep” button.

The initial mission prologue with the image is just a loading screen, it wait that everyone has loaded, you cannot skip a loading screen lol
About the camera cutscene i agree, if everyone press a key we should skip it

Lol that’s right, I forgot, that that’s just a loading screen.

after loading screen. just tap F2 twice and you can move around. although the camera wont follow you until after it’s done panning

^ This.

Yeah, but that’s just a bug and you can’t always see where you are running. I’d like to see this being properly implemented as a feature, if possible.

probably won’t ever happen. I think they had that same “bug” in Vermintide 1 and in VT1 beta and nothing changed

Just wait for the QoL mod. Will probably be one of the first ones.

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