Why more dogs?

The dogs, I believe, are the most hated enemy type. I’ve not run into a single person in the game that enjoys playing against them, and then they introduce hunting grounds?

Can we, instead, just… not have dogs? Forget they existed? Just all agree to delete them and never talk about them again?

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I finally ran into one person who said they love them in game. One.

At least they’re more reliably staggered now.


I have never played with anyone who dislikes the roving packs of dogs modifier.

Hot tip, all stand in a corner on top of each other and just swing wildly. Dags target one person and even IF they manage to land on someone the other three will kill it.

For me, the bombers are my most hated. Especially if you get three at once. There are some places that it just becomes a floor is lava situation.


New dogs are fun. Old dogs were unfun. Simple as.


I can’t believe that’s true, I’ve literally yet to run into anyone that does actually like it - every game that it’s played everyone rails against it. Plus, for it to be a pro-move to ‘all stand in a corner and swing wildly’ is incredibly lame as a designed tactic to be employed. Not to mention, on damnation you get those plus your hated bombers, so it denies the corner you’re all standing on top of each other in.

“But that’s the point, sunnytater! they’re meant to bunker you in a–” yes yes obviously, but what about ALL THE GUNS that are already doing this? Now we have 37 zerglings that teleport wildly to deal with on top of the other specials that, even when ‘swinging wildly’ can still pounce you due to Fatshark knows why?

They aren’t fun. Full stop. Maybe if they had reliable physics… maybe… actually no I take that back, not even then.


Hot tips are not pro moves. They are just what works. Feels like you are really put off by these dogs.
They die pretty easy too. So you can just kinda fire wildly at them.

I am not one of the ‘this game is not on my level’ players. I legit have not had any issues with them to make me salty. They are a fun challenge to me. I can see that they are not to you, and I can see how they might not be to some folks. The answer is going to be the same for any challenge that comes up in mission. If there are shooters, then your ranged threat person needs to be protected from dogs while they deal with the problem. IF the problem there is that everyone goes melee and scatters, then someone needs to direct traffic and communicate.

OR, that modifier is just not fun for you. They got enough positive feedback for it to keep it since the ‘try out’ period. All I can do is offer tips. <3

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I love doggos. They’re great specials that fulfil their role in the special lineup very well. There’s a lot of counter play to them too, glad to see the whinging about them has mostly died out.

Only reason I hate hounds is because my dodge and/or push doesn’t prevent them tackling me. I’ve been completely out of the way and the hound would 180 just to grab me, after it already flew past. THAT’S why I hate hounds. If they weren’t janky with grabs, they’d be fine


They’re better than they were, but yeah they are still a bit twitchy.

The one I hate the most is the one that throws incendiary grenades.

The dogs you can shoot. But there is nothing you can do about the fire.

I unironically like hi-int hunting grounds where they spawn a pack of the little demons while im otherwise busy fighting something.

I wish it wasn’t a modifier but instead a random game event.

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Doggos modifier was kinda fun as first but become quite a slog when I have to sit in corner and wait until we get rid of them all which take so looong.

They really could reduce wave amount a bit or something.

This tbh


Dogs are fun, especially if they spawn during a horde. They also change pacing, everyone is doing their own things - searching for plasteel or ammo crate, clearing some rooms form mobs and than awooooo you all need to gather.


Yeah, not a fan of new dogs. They still make movements that can make them impossible to predict, which is great now that they come in groups of 10 or whatever, and they still have a space program that just ghosts them for just long enough for you to get busy with something else before silently dropping them on your head.

Standing in a corner spamming lights and pushes is like in V2 when people stand at the top of ledges and spam lights on enemies climbing up. FS did great with reducing that sort of thing in DT and now they’ve just gone and added more of it. Miss me with that junk.

It’s also seriously unfun to have the rest of your team get pinned and then get gangbanged by 8 of them in a row half a second apart from eachother. The baby dogs, at least, should work like the mutant, where they grab you, hurt you a bit, then let you go.


i quite like the puppy packs so long as they arent too frequent, its an event that actually forces the group to cordinate and take a defensive position for a bit.

the normal dogs are just a pita the dodge /push window is just so wonky and counter intuitive


No. The dogs are fine, aside from some remaining herky-jerky-ness.
Without dogs, the game would be immeasurably easier, so much so that there is no longer a point to the higher difficulties.
Dogs have a very specific role, they are this game’s assassin. They pin you down and keep you pinned until removed or Game Over. The other disablers are much weaker in comparison, particularly the mutant who really just lightly damages you and throws you around.

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In my experience, the little ones do jump off you after a bit. Sometimes it is long and sometimes it is short, but I have had them get off me without assistance.

Am I alone on that? My play group seems to be of the same mind. We may be crazy though…


If they do, I’ve never seen it happen. If they’re meant to, the time it takes should be consistent and no more than a couple of seconds.

I’ve seen it, not clear on why.