Who likes dogs?

Let’s keep it simple, what would you want?

  • Less dogs
  • More dogs
  • Just enough dogs
  • No dogs

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I don’t even like them thematically.

I liked hunters and gutter runners because although they had the same function, pinning a player to CC them, their health was low and it was incredibly satisfying to skeet them out of the air

In comparison the dogs are just annoying

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The problem is that FS seems completely incapable of making the dogs… not 400% jank and broken. As long as they are broken, they’re more annoying than an actually interesting disabler. You never know if what should work against them, will work against them.

Bursters have this problem too, but to a somewhat lesser extent. So much of this game is jank.

If we are talking about in general. Dogs are good, much more loyal than cats for sure.

Can we have cats in this game instead to kill, they just poo all over my lawn and I would feel sense of justice.

I’m a cat person.

Good looking chap isn’t he?

I’m happy shooting dogs. Sure, space dogs are annoying, but I like what the regular kind bring to the game. Or would if they ran in straight lines like a real dog would.


I cannot agree with this more. Normal hound spawns seem rather durable for their role as a permanent disabler. They just seem harder to actually kill than the trappers. The jank would be far more tolerable if they’d just actually die instead of flopping over several times and running away.


Dogs are tanks because infested type totally rooks a lot of weapons. Even things that do good unarmored damage and nothing else like shotguns. The dog has an insane amount of HP, but is part of the special category that take 3x melee damage. The real problem with it is an age old bug they have fixed but now overwritten. When a dog spawns in its target is loosely set, if it takes damage it will target another player instead. For whatever reason the bug is that if you hit the dog in this state, it will wig the f out doing a combination of retargeting and avoiding fire with stagger resistance. They fixed this by letting you stagger it before so it wasn’t anywhere near as disruptive, but that’s gone now. The worst thing you can do with dogs is preempt them like you do with the rest of the specials. You need to let them run up and stop, and then attack, and then they’re just an annoying low difficulty trash special that is awfully designed. But this bug is back, and makes everyone hate dogs because it punishes you for playing properly.

dogs are whatever. the real question is, WHY IS HUNTING GROUNDS PERMENANTLY UP? its been stuck on that global condition for weeks now like its a bug. im almost certain most people dodge it

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I did not vote, as I couldn’t find my stance on this.
I do not mind dogs as long as:

  • You can dodge them consistently
  • You attacks against them register
  • Attacking them does not result in them teleporting to the Eye of Terror and back in a blink.

They are bugged since launch and are on their best way to become the next assassins from VT2: extremely dangerous disablers whose erratic, or downright buggy behaviour is accepted as god-given and adapted to.

Couldn’t said it better!

Nice looking cat!

Sometimes i feels like Hunting ground event could be added to regular maps like a boss spawn since it doesn’t change the whole game but take an event slot ( we have so few slots…)

But dogs in general ? the most “no register” enemies in the game : Hit dog, push dog, you heard the flesh sound but no hitmark, or just dodge it ? sometimes it will not work just because.
So you hide behind a crate to “respect” the dog just in case some bs happens.

Waiting for a real fix before considering them fun to deal with.

Dogs would be infinitely better if they weren’t an insta-kill. Dogs and trappers should work like Mutant where it does a random amount of damage and releases you.

This forced teamwork stuff from L4D is utter trash. Some people are rocks.

Overall, they’re fine, but IMO they need to be easier to kill, even in T5s, though.

With other elites you can predict for dodge based on audio cue or start of attack animation.

Dogs - more difficult to predict, animation is a bit janky like they fly into the air vertically into orbit due to clipping then egg splat down on a team mate’s face like something out of Aliens movie. Almost like they’re missing several frames in between of movement between running and jumping.

Or maybe that’s by design of being unpredictable.

Might be better to act like mutants where they do some damage but only pin you for X number of seconds instead of permanently. Literally 3 seconds of not hitting a dog off a team mate leads to chain effect of whole team pinned in seconds to follow. Very tight on the time to act. More than any other elite.

The difference between gutter runners and dogs is that while gutter runners were erratic, they were made of glass. It takes damn near half a magazine to drop a dog.

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