Why is there no 5 people co-op?

I realize that this question has probably been asked a gazillion times, but still, we have five characters! whyyy?


lol, maybe one always stays back to protect the inn/keep (or just imagine that :D)

Its to give the 4th player at least some choice in who they play. If only 4 characters existed, the last player would always be forced to play someone specific.

It would be cool to have all 5 heroes taking on the skaven and chaos enemies TOGETHER!

thats why they should have both options

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Which is good. Also, it’s easier to fill a lobby with 4 people. Of course, with the final map allegedly being extra-long and epic, it would be kind of cool if that was a 5 player map.

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We have 5 heroes so that we can swap char without leaving the lobby due to all heroes already in-game.

If I recall correctly, in an Interview FS said that the main issue with 5 players is that they would divide in groups causing balance problems in map design\balance.

This Q&A explain their vision for the game, if interested.

I can’t find the one about the 5th player tho, still looking.

I just wish that we could see the 5th unused character in the Last Stand type of map.

Vermintide 3 =]

Could be added as a gamemode. A horde mode for 5 players would be epic.

Don’t hold your breath on that.

I’ve asked many times if they ever planned on adding a Last Stand mode to this game and I’ve gotten nothing back but complete silence.

Last Stand did die off in the first game but it also only had rat enemies. I believe Last Stand would prosper in this game as when the boss levels came up, we could get ANY combination of bosses. What would be more awesome than fighting 4 Chaos Spawns? Maybe fighting a Bile Troll, Stormfiend, Chaos Spawn, and a Rat Ogre at the same time!

I would find that entertaining but FS seems to be trying to forget that Last Stand mode ever existed in the first place.


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