The size of the squad

The simplest question is-will the game continue technically the L4D tradition - only 4 players on the map? Or will the squad size be larger-5.6 or maybe 8?


Would be nice to play up to 8 (without mod) but it’s most likely that we will have 5 character with 4 player by party

I think it’s going to be 4 or 5, Oh it doesn’t matter.


I hope it’s four. Four is good.


I think 4 is a pretty good number. The bigger the squad, the harder it is to balance. I imagine they will be limited by how many enemies can be on screen at once and the only other option is to just increase health but no one wants that.

Four is good number for the game in general.

But it would be nice if the game engine allowed more, to allow for future expansions and modding down the road.

Even if Darktide is melee focused, the 40k world allows for more movement related abilities and more players than four would be less of an issue than in Vermintide. I’m thinking boss fights maps, defend the hill maps, and pvp processes.

The game is 4 player coop, I can confirm.


Praise the Emperor!

If I may revive this for a minute, why is every coop out there 4 players?
Or rarely 2? Does no one out there have an even number of friends they want to play with?
What, in principle, prevents 3 or 5 players from being on option?
I know the choice for this one is set, just wondering; What caused that decision?

The 4 player option come from L4d and the like who used to be 4 player, but there are a few game where you play as 8 or so people

  • 1 is a solo game
  • 2 is a game that is really axed on cooperation (We were here)
  • 3 very rare, as you can simply go up to 4 to be with most other game
  • 4, the norm
  • 4+ mostly made for less CPU expensive game (more player mean more difficult to process so it’s usually reserved for game where it’s PVP or who are easy to compute: Alien Swarm)

Is the posting back on? ok.
I expected the answer to mostly be “because everyone does it”, but every so often, there’s a group of 3 players, and rarely does a game offer the option of scaling difficulty for that, and then there’s the possibility of a 5 player group, which precludes the group, or at least one player of it, from nearly all coop games out there. Yet somehow, most teamgames, excepting strategy, seem rather comfortable with 5 player teams.
So I figured, could be nice if, besides the usual, there’d be the option to play with 1 more or 1 less for once.
But then, this is probably not the place to voice that.

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