Expanding coop player slot from 4 to 8-10

As the difficulty level after uprising is getting harder and harder, more hordes and elites will spawn which become too much for only 4 players to handle. Please expand the team slot to 8-10 players, so it will be much helpful to deal with level [malice - damnation]. At higher level, the AI gains higher health and deal more dmg. In team of 4, 2 players get knocked out by elites (usually sniper and charger) or horde which will screw up the entire team. Healing is limited and corruption make the loss rate up at least reach 70% in malice. It doesn’t hurt the game to expand team slot, please consider it.

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This would be a great example of “don’t listen to player feedback”


If the game is too hard, the general solution is to play lower difficulty games. The fundamental game design paradigm for this genre is 4 player teams, and there’s a lot that would need to go into enlarging that. Are there enough ammo and consumables on the maps? Enough Medicaes? Enough recovery points for downed players? Are such parties still small enough to maneuver through crowded hallways and small rooms? Do enemy reactions still work properly with larger groups of players spread over more space? Can players keep track of all their teammates? Can larger teams train-run certain abilities to trivialize content? This game is deeply built around a 4 player team.

Damnation isn’t easy, but it’s plenty doable with 4 party teams. If your team knows what they’re doing, communicate a bit, have decent talent builds, reasonable gear, and are paying attention, you’ll generally win out, but not always.


Difficulty 5 (Damnation) has probably never been easier in the game’s life than right now. If you’re dying too much at a certain difficulty level you’re the problem, not a lack of 7 other people to carry you.


Blud got humbled :skull:


there is no way this post is for real


I’m not opposed to 8 to 10 players, but it shouldn’t be done to make the game easier. On the contrary, the AI director should spawn more of everything, scaled to the amount of players there are.

The reason why I support the idea is because there are people with more than 3 friends, so being able to play with all your friends would be fun.

In the case of V2, I think the default should be 5 players personally. (Ubersreik 5 after all)


just let this post die, every co-op shooter is max 4 players for a reason

That’s not true. Killing Floor’s default is 6 players.
Which is good because there’s usually enough room for all your friends.


Starship Troopers Extermination has 16 players.
Killing Floor 2 and Lethal Company have mods that allow up to 64 players but most servers use 16-32 max because jank goes up exponentially as player numbers increase.

Increased player numbers mean that everything has to scale up to a degree and ideally it should be designed for (maps, enemy spawns, drops, etc.) , so I think at this time Darktide is a poor fit for more players. That said, I have been in 5-6 player lobbies and they are kinda hilarious.


Nobody here talking about the performance aspect of this suggestion.

This suggestion is absolutely mental, because Darktide won’t be able to handle it. As @zaygr said, when you scale player numbers up, you have to also up the enemies and their power.

The game already dips FPS left and right in many places, performance being an uphill battle for Fatshark and the game running stocky for anyone not having the one +2000$ GPU from Nvidia.

OP, if you think Darktide can handle 10 players + their particle effects + 150% more enemies on the field all at once + all those soundcues, then I really want what you’re drinking because it’s some exceptional stuff.


darktide royale then don’t be shy on numbers, if this game can barely hold 4 players in a mission why not 100

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While I’m not in on the difficulty part I’d like a voluntary raise to six players *in premade groups *for another reason: there have been situations when 5 or even 6 wanted to play together and 1-2 had to be excluded.

So in the rare occasions that this happens I would have liked the possibility to include them. Not that I think it’s ever going to happen.


Uhh, 70% in malice?

It’s always amaze me how some people don’t even allow a though that they are not experienced enough and there is something to learn and room to grow, but instead they just ask to change the game’s aspects or balance.

This is a pure git gud moment.

if its of any solace, main culprit being the hourglass starting zone and hab dreyko first servo skull area for some odd reason, i bought a new rig some months back exclusively with darktide in mind, yet still got frame drops with nothing out of the ordinary going on on screen.

i’m aware that most survival games are equally ill-optimized due to the sheer numbers of things you can put in the world, as well as some stuff being rather cpu heavy than gpu(ragdolls) for example.

but the gap in performance compared to whats left upwards on the hardware ladder ( i9/4090 ) is a bit baffling. with the knowledge about how the game performs i’d have opted for an i9 just for the sake of having 80-100 ragdolls with stable fps, compared to measly 15! being the "sour"spot for my 13700k i7.

throwing money at my most important hobby isnt the problem, its the main reason i torture myself out of bed each day, but having a gaping performance hole current hardware cant bridge is another thing.

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okay guys, lets be honest, we all think it, i gonna say it:

is this a difficulty problem i am to auric maelstrom to understand?

“insert meme here, and i show myself out” :rofl:

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They could expand it to, say 300? Put 150 on two teams. Have them fight over a realm. And set it in the Age of Sigmar rather than DT, and maybe call the MMO something like “WAR” or I dunno. Just throwing it out there. I’d love to play a game like that.

For the love of the Emperor, I do NOT want to get another rig just to keep playing Darktide. My current rig cannot handle any more enemies, just buff them all if we must have more than 4 players. I already run the game at medium-low settings and that’s barely enough to keep the FPS drops to when I’m on fire exclusively.

On the other hand, adding more players to the team without buffing the enemies will just make the game boring. My take? Case thrown out and the 4 player system remains.

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I have a friend who just finished leveling his zealot as his first character. This dude started playing two weeks ago. I’m still gonna introduce him to Damnation soon.

If you’re having trouble at Malice and above, the problem is with you.