We should be able to have five players

It just makes sense, there are 5 heroes, they’re known as the Ubereik 5, so it should be possible to have 5 players, where everyone picks a hero of their choice.

I can see people saying that it would make the game too easy, but that’s what Cataclysm/2/3 is for.

I kinda wish the game flipped over to 5 man mode. I’ve played modded with more players and if you use Spawn Tweaks or Onslaught, it can get pretty crazy difficult, even with all 5, and it’s more fun. I’ve had up to 6 people in the Discord chat who want to play on the same night. It’d be nice if there were at least one more slot. The number of enemies can be increased proportionally.


Agreed. You could even have two monster spawn as well as a consequence of bringing a 5th man.