Game director mode

Seeing the twitch mode and how it works on last nights stream, actually gave me a little idea.

It would be nice to have a gamemode in the future where a fifth player could enter the game in the role of game director, occasionally dropping hordes, bosses, healing etc as they see fit to hinder or help the group of heroes. Anyone who played ArmA 3 before and has seen their Zeus feature will likely know where Im going with this.

This isnt a must have nor is it a pressing issue if we dont get it, but I figured Id suggest it anyway, since it was implied on last nights stream that the devs are still looking for ideas for future dlc.

This feature could be lots of fun if youve got a group of friends to play it with and with enough support from the community, who knows, it might just happen at some point in the future. The base layout for this, in the form of twitch mode, seems to already exist to some extent.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Dungeon Master mode. Brilliant! I would love to see this (as a default feature or a mod) but I wonder if something in the net-related code (e.g. not allowing a 5th person to join/spectate) would be a blocking issue here.

The group I regularly play with has more than 4 regulars, and I would personally get a kick out of taking a round or two off to “direct” a really engaging experience.

See, thats what I am thinking too. As a seperate gamemode it could be really engaging. Would make less sense for automatch as the dungeon master could srsly ruin the 4 other players experience. However, if youve got friends with you, you could end up with some really epic and enjoyable fights.

As for the netcode, that might be an issue, which is why Ive noted that the devs implied theyre still looking for ideas regarding future dlc. If enough ppl show their support for this, then it could be feasible to rewrite that part of the netcode or engine since thered be a payoff for the devs in the end. Id be willing to pay 10 bucks for this feature for sure.

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