Why is the Ogryn Heavyweight Penance so hard?

I have been trying this with a few mates, getting five ogryns is ok but we have gone whole sections dragging ogryns along not to find the 6th one. Then there’s the wait for a damnation with high intensity. It’s not that that the challenge is too hard it’s the availability of the mission, teammates and most importantly the ogryns that makes this penance almost impossible. Please drop the number required from 6 to 4 or even 5 fatshark.

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It works on any intensity of damnation. I got mine done in a random PUG match on the Relay map on low-intensity damnation. That said, I agree, the number of Ogryns should definitely be lowered. 4 was reasonable. 5 is still pretty damn hard, but doable. 6 is nothing more than luck without a very determined group.

ok great il have to give it a go on low intensity. but as for a solo effort I think it’s impossible, 1 bomber, flamer, hound or trapper can ruin your day when you’re behind the shield.