Why give your game away?

Saw the xbox E3 and wow give your game away brand new , what does the PC crowd get beta testing for a full price?


Give us a link please, or at least tell us the time.

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That’s not how Game Pass works. :slight_smile: Think of Game Pass as the Netflix for Xbox Games. You pay a subscription to play a selection of games, you don’t get ‘free games’.


So effectivly I may aswell just of waited for the Xbox version. Bug free full of content, that us pf smuchs would of paid for and beta tested the pc. For £50 per year, with access for 100 games. Why did I buy the pc version again?

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Because you made the decision that the game was worth it to you in its current state.

Not to mention FP games are ass on a controller.


You could say pretty much the same thing for any game thats on xbox pass or whatever its called dude.
And who says the console version is not going to have any bugs or issues?

I’d rather play the game on a pc with the best input devices than play it on a Fischer Price toy computer locked at some arse frame rate with a bad controller.


Yeah, because he was 100% aware of what he was buying in advance.


You can use keyboard and mouse input and have 60+ FPS on Xbox now? If not, then yeah PC it is.

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arknox said:

" I’d rather play the game on a pc with the best input devices than play it on a Fischer Price toy computer locked at some arse frame rate with a bad controller. "

I just wanted to say it… again. DAMN that sh!t needs to be SAID son! PROPS! :wink:

Indeed, he was, especially since forums were vivid with criticism from the start, if he is unable to evaluate if the game is worth it in its current state, through reviews or otherwise, its not the devs fault that he made a bad purchase, which he didnt because he still plays the game … ?

And its not like you cant refund on steam and please dont give me “b-but 2 hours!”, first, you can refund games well beyond 2 hours with an appropriate explanation, second, the bugs present were easily detectable in those 2 hours.

The games flaws only became clear when people stumbled upon late game and droprates 100-150 hours into the game.

Go to steam and try evaluating it yourself considering the number of good and bad review from people with 100+ hours

Bugs, still not working mechanics, drop rates, false advertisement, clunky UI, random - that is ALL devs fault.

How do you know that.

Yeah, especially talent bugs or property bugs or boss bugs. All pretty detectable in 2 hours. Sure.

The game didn’t have EAC from the start. Game’s performance was better for many. Gameplay was completely different pre 1.0.5 That was a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT GAME back then.


You are as misleading as ever - reread again, its not the devs fault when people buy their bugged games.

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It is not devs fault

when people

buy THEIR bugged games

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Xim your keyboard and mouse. And TBF given that you only get really high framerates when you don’t need it, unless you put the game into potato mode your point?

Yes and most of the games are old, unless you are doing this so you get access to Microsoft Azure severs for your game I can’t fathom why you would do this…

The game would not get a release in it’s current state on console… I was sold a finished game. The drop rates and and other incidental stuff don’t concern me as much. As say losing all you progress due to a rage quitter, the game crashing or everyone dropping connection. Being hit or hitting something miles away from you. A framerate that will tank when you need it the most. I am not really all that bothered in truth about the games current state insofar I have more than got my monies worth. However I have a xbox, I have a xim I have a cadre of people I know in real life on xbox. And their are some games on that pass other than VT2 I would like to play, what miffs me is that the console release on xbox. Would be effectively free for me and be feature complete with dedicated severs and more than likely not crash.