Why does the Mk IV Duelling Sword have Cleave Damage modifier?

So, the Maccabian Mk IV Duelling Sword is a little confusing, I really like the moveset on it, but the modifiers are a little confusing. The entire moveset (as seen below) are Assassin light attacks (Fast attacks targeting one enemy, efficent on weak spots) and Strikedown heavy attacks (Powerful attack targeting one enemy).

Yet, as you can see on this item card, the Mk IV only comes with a modifier for Cleave Damage. (As well as Blessings for multi-hit, but that’s a seperate story) While there is a tiny amount of cleave on attacks, it feels basically worthless. Wouldn’t it make more sense if a Duelling Sword (especially one with no Vanguard or Relentless attacks) had a more fitting modifier like: First Target, Critical Bonus or even Defences?

Especially as the Mk V Duelling Sword with a similar moveset of Assassin and Strikedown (although the heavy attack is more of an overhead chop instead of a rapier stab), comes with the Defences modifier instead of Cleave Damage.

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I cannot say for devs or waht the idea was, but I personally use these with Kinetic Flayer. In a horde situation it is very easy to proc the trait Brain Burst, thanks to that tiny cleave.

All weapons cleave at least 2-3 enemies regardless of their moveset.

Cleave modifier does not make it cleave more, it makes the cleave retain more of the first target damage - hench why this one has that modifier. It is meant as your go to horde murder weapon.

I know it has cleave, I mentioned that in the post. But yeah, but when you use it on a horde, it’s not really good at that at all. The strong attack hits one extra person at most if they’re lined up perfectly and loses a lot as it seems difficult to get cleave weak spot hits with in the practice area. And the rapid attacks suffer from the same fate, which is rough because neither attack really does enough without weakspot hits.

I’m saying it’d fit this weapon way better if it had a modifier that benefits it more, crit or first target (when it has a similar role to an axe but quicker) would make more sense.

I totally agree, but that’s the reason why it has the cleave modifier… it handles pretty much like Saltzspyres gun and duelling sword.
Which was actually really good for hordes, but it also had better diagonal strikes.