Why did you make obtaining/upgrading items so painful, time consuming and random?

Apart from seeing your player base suffer I do not see any other reason to make crafting like this.

-Obtaining a new weapon you want is random(waiting to show on the shop or after mission drop) which is not very good, you can do it so players can craft items at a cost.

-You cannot upgrade modifiers rating and change the stats allocation (lower mobility to increase stability for ex.)

-Perks (and probably blessing too?) only allow you to RANDOMLY modify one of them while the others are locked permanently. In addition, you will have to roll for the rating of the perk for added randomness.

Now include all of the above and try to get an item of your liking, does it look fun to you?


Playtime inflation.


All of the above only makes you want to play the game less…but they don’t realize it.
I have 1000 hours on Vermintide 2, even though you had to grind a bit you knew that eventually can make the exact weapon you want at max stats, something that is missing here.


They solved the crafting/gear customization issue with Winds of Magic.

Yet back we go to the days of VT1, because the system designers aren’t looking at the problems they attempt to solve from the player’s perspective.


They have seen for years how the system worked and improved from VT and VT2 as you said, we shouldn’t have reached this point.

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As someone who has no experience with game dev, however, has observed and delved in to whatever information I can get on documentaries and GDC talks about game development, it seems like a good idea to start a fresh account in your game from time to time so you can adjust your perspective to the current new player experience.

Developers and programmers for games tend to have a skewed perspective on their own game compared to the regular player.


All the have to do is give us a the winds of magic athanor from the winds of magic dlc, problem solved no fuss, just choose what perks you want and what blessings you want and hopefully make the bars go from 79% up to 100%


i think this game is victim of a late in development pivot and just couldnt afford to pushback any more.

i suspect at some point down the road we will be recieving rewards for completing missions in a similar way to v2. that weekly challenge will get fleshed and continuos leveling rewards.

im not defending this, im just saying the reason its not there i dont hink is malicious or they thought this was good , just that its not done.


I agree that the game is hurried in some parts.

We already have occasional item drops on mission completion and weekly challenges, even if they perfected them it wouldn’t solve the issue of being unable to customize your items in a proper and enjoyable way.

Keep in mind that we should have a full game, you are not in beta or early access and we paid it accordingly. But they have already released the second wave of premium staff(which I am fine with them, but they should not be such a priority). My main problem is not the delay(which is annoying) but that they are walking in the wrong direction as well.

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And then there is the issue of some weapons being downright unusable due to crappy iron sights/moving reticle instead of camera based recoil.

If the game is to survive for long they will need to implement attachments. Sights and scopes if nothing else.

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Yeah it’s complete bogus and the artificial scarcity needs to be adressed.

The shop is just bad - 16 random items every hour and that’s it - bruh.

Crafting already hampering the possibilities even tho it’s not even fully implemented yet.

Limited mission rotation. OH BOY I DO LOVE ME PLAYING THE SAME MISSION 3 TIMES BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING BETTER ATM - absolute bogus, all these bullsh!t timers made me turn the game off more often than not.

Tomes and Grimoires being seperate side objectives and having random spawn locations
Like why ??? - in V2 this was a way to dynamically adjust the difficulty/reward. Pick or leave them on how the team is doing. Now it’s a gamble if you even get the chance and find one of these things.

I get that most issues with the game will be patched eventually but these things will remain uncertain.

What was so hard about just taking V2, slapping 40K all over it, adding some things and tweaking some numbers? Why try to reinvent the wheel?


I had no idea Steve Miller Band’s hit song, Take the Money and Run was a prediction of today’s cash shop games…err…games with a cash shop I mean. Visionaries I tell you…

I totally agree on what you wrote. The way you acquire gear is bad and too much RNG.

I want Darktide to be a success, but at the moment, where is player agency with gear? The only choice we have is to roll 1 perk and it’s a random perk between level 1 and 4 while locking the other. All blessings and weapon base rating is RNG and you cannot do anything to improve/modify.

Give us more control and less RNG! I don’t approve that philosophy who wants players to camp the shop and inflate their numbers of players in-game.

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Systems like these are put into place to make it easier to sell convenience options in the cash store. These are the exact same methodologies used in mobile F2P games that target whales.

Fatshark may deny it all day long and say that wasn’t their intent, but that either makes them liars or it makes them incompetent and unaware of how things work in their industry.

Personally? I think they had every intention of using the cash shop to sell convenience options and now they’re back pedaling.

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We have learned a lot from our previous choices and gameplay surrounding crafting offered within the Vermintide series. For Darktide we wanted to take those lessons to expand and improve in such a way that crafting would become a central pillar of player progression, while giving more impact and agency to you, the player in your preferred playstyle.

The nature of randomization and repetitive actions sometimes seen within crafting is something that we are steering to avoid in the crafting system within Darktide. Meaningful choices will be made with strategy and goals behind them, as you set your eyes upon that perfect combination of melee and ranged weapons for your class.



When leveling a character and you unlock a weapon, they should supply you with a grey 20% to all stats weapon so you can try it out. This is basic stuff here fatshark.

it’s not malicious, i agree there, but they done fed up