280 hours to get a single perfect 380 modifier weapon

280 hours to get a single perfect 380 base modifier weapon power score.

This can’t be working as intended.

Compounded with rng crafting its impossible for me to try meaningful builds with almost 300 hours of game play.

if grey crafting materials were increased by a factor of ten, then they would be even to my purple crafting materials, and this would help mitigate the sting of the grind to get better gear.

i have 200 grey and 2000 purple crafting materials roughly, this means i will have to play about 10 games to upgrade a purple weapon with rng.

I understand you want the random dopamine hit, but this current state of things actually turns people off because there is no progress at all over hundreds of hours.

if you want money now is the time to sell perfect weapons, with selectable stats, ill buy.


Same situation. Soon to hit 280 and so far only saw one 380 base item. At this point, I’m just playing the game without checking/buying anything so that when they fix the system in 3 months I have basically unlimited resources to craft what I want.

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I think this a planned function for the 1st year, while we have short amount of content, that “endgame = number hunting”. It’s sad but i’m not surprised, coz the same was with Vermintide 2 as well. At launch, it was like 150-250 hrs to deck out 1 character with red items (and i’m not sureif red items were a thing at launch at all) But after some years, maybe 2, when dlcs, weapons, free maps released, it went down to nearly 30-40 hrs, coz by then we had enough other content. So i would expect the same here.
Anyway, i understand ur fustration and u are right, this is not a good and fun practice.


same here got 372, with the worst blessings and perks ever.

I very distinctly remember Fatshark making the statement that they initially planned VT to be a 100 hour game, and they were shocked that some people played it for hundreds to thousands. At that point I wasn’t aware of the ominousness of the statement, but I’m absolutely sure they want to keep the playerbase around to grind for a thousand. That would check out with standardizing something like 200 per item. I think this was entirely planned.

kinda true for VT2

it was you dont get red items, unless you reach level 30 & Gear Score 600, and still you get random drop of red items, things changed to you only need to reach level 30, then they introduced the red dust, which required to dismantle 10 RED ITEMS, to switch any normal weapon to red, then reduced it to 5 red dust.

my main weapon is a 334 power , 42% damage eviscerator, to be fair it is a beast

got quite a few 350 power weapons and a couple of 360

havent seen a 370 or above


It’s the opposite. You’ve spent this much time grinding, crafting and playing the game. That’s the entire point of all these RNG systems designed to keep player retention and engagement at max. Meaning the system is literally built to waste your time as much as possible so the metrics of playtime look good on paper.

Welcome to games as a service. And here I thought Destiny 2 was bad…


Except… It’s driving even Vets of Vermintide 2 away… That’s not a very good indicament of how this game is going to fare in the future… And unlike Vermintide 2, this game relies on a healthy population, because you know… Region locked servers and all that jazz, only way to bypass it is to join a friend’s squad in another region and then you’re only there for as long as you’re in the squad…


funny thing you can’t even deck out a single character with 250 hours in this game.

I had full reds on a character within 250 hours in V2, same hours in Darktide, still haven’t seen a single 380 or a half decent curio.


from beta?

380 is max. SO this is a bug on the “381”

It’s intended unless like many other you will say “enough of making fool of me” and drop the game till they fix gear progression. Cause that’s the point of current mobile-game RNG, for you to get addicted to chasing numbers/lottery ticket/god-roll where everything in game is stacked AGAINST YOU by design. I refused to be part of that sheep crowd that will every day pray to RNGesus to give them lottery win on ONE single weapon combined with being allowed to reroll only one perk. Disgusting design combined with RNG store to inflate log-in numbers and play lottery without any player influence.

So I am glad you see the scam the current system is. Now question is: do they get you and you will keep going for RNG store lottery ticket and get hooked or will you see through it and say enough?

Cause as long as you keep playing and bumb their statistics: it’s working as intended. Welcome to mobile gaming where you are rabbit chasing carrot on fishrod mounted on your back.


They literally didn’t have %'s, or anything next to the bars, in the beta. Where did the mythical “380 is max” claim come from?

381 seems so rare it feels like a bug. Plus sometimes the modifiers don’t even add up to the modifier rating correctly.

theres percentage only on stats.

380 is max.
My buddy has 80% on all stats on 2 weapons from beta. was nerfed since beta. the percentages went down to still have 380.
If youre correct and this is not a glitch you should have more than that.
Modifires dont add up to 381, sry to dissappoint. but prove me wrong.
Fatshark said, they need a Buffer to bring out better quality items(Relic/ Red items) later. Leak showed that the next level of items will make weapons have percentage up to 90%. So this is not out yet, means its not possible other than being a glitch.

Also i have 370 hrs and not seen 380 in my inventory until couple days ago.
Highest i get is 380 on weapons and 80 on curio

Because we have spend a good 1½ month now and no one has at any point gotten a base rating above 380. It would be statistically impossible at this point.
That and the Devs confirmed that 380 is max in a post about RNG being a *****.

The only way to get above 380, is when consecrates makes a visual bug that display the weapon as 380+ rather than the actual rating. The weapon still retains its 370+ stat weights when it happens, so we know it’s a bug.

Do you really wanna trust Fatshark’s numbers at this point? :smiley:

The system as a whole from weekly quests and Melk’s shop to the map system to gear droprate and selection of items in the shop denies logic so much it feels like it was mashed together from ideas from 5 different people who’ve all quit and it is now managed by a group of interns high on pickled herring.

Melk’s shop should ONLY offer 380 items, or even better, 400 power ones with all stats maxed out so that you could take base stats out of the equation and only hunt for perks and blessings. Instead, 99% of the time Melk offers gear that’s not even close to 380 and weekly quests are pointless. In fact, the absolute majority of “good” gear I have comes from upgrading white gear from regular shop, because for some cosmic reason, it’s almost always higher in base power than all the blue gear on offer.

On top of that, we should be getting guaranteed item drops based on difficulty. Say 2 items per T5 game with a chance of third.

And EVEN THEN, the RNG would feel really, really bad.

Waiting for hours just to see the map/secondary objective you need to complete weeklies is also fun.
Free perk rerolls STILL rolling T2/T3 perks and forcing you to click 250 times for literally no reason at all is even more fun.

/faith in Fatshark to do anything other than gameplay well lost
/rant over


I’d rather not incentivize people who can’t handle Damnation to join it just to hope for a carry so they can get more loot.