Why deeds i won pre 1.1 didn't count for the challenge?

pre 1.1 i did a lot of deeds (legend only) but didn’t count for the challenge, in this patch i did 4 deeds and counted for the challenge (my deeds and other people deeds) is how it works? thanks

Sadly we weren’t tracking all the Challenges prior to 1.1, some metrics are only counted after 1.1 released - such as Deeds done, which careers you did specific levels on etc. Sorry for that.


okay thanks :slight_smile: i played deeds with kerrillian, kruber, and levels i don’t remember all but the easiest screaming bell, against the grain, righteous stand,etc (legend)

I does seem that the Deed tracking (only) was turned on some time previously, as me and my friends had one Deed already done when we checked the game after 1.1. It would likely coincide with 1.0.8 or either update after that, as that would hit the one Deed we finished some days ago.

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