Who Have You Met In Game?

So I take a pretty healthy amount of joy of running into names I recognize in QP, and always like getting to know the person.

For example, I met @TmanDW the other day in Cata Enchanter’s Lair, and he’s literally the nicest guy I’ve ever met (and he watched me get absolutely floored by a rat ogre as Shade :joy:).

So, who have you all met in game and enjoyed playing with? :slight_smile:


Nearly all the old regulars here on the forums I’ve met at some point in game. Added each other to friends, same for most of the EU streamers xD During that time, my name on steam was Mayfly Lumberfoot, so I don’t think other people noticed it was me. :joy:


Off the top of my head, I’ve met @TmanDW and if I recall correctly I played a round or two with @SmokerT69 on a Fatshark stream.

Edit: ah yeah! @Frostysir I’ve found myself in this fellows lobby a few times.


Can’t remember seeing any of you guys.
But if you remember me, just know that I judge every single move of you equally and in silence.
JK I’ll goof as much around as the current threat level allows me to.

I do hang out mostly in Legend and if I see a Cata-Lobby in the Lobby browser I’ll join.

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@Flinlock was the one who actually took me on a tour of how to not suck, so that was great. He soloed a Chaos Patrol + Rogre after the rest of us biffed it in combat. Truly a legend!

I don’t often play QPs, but I suppose I’ll have to start to see if I can start building out my network of people I’ve met.

Oh, I remember that name.

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I´ve seen a bunch of people and even one of the fatsharks!.-…I cant recall his name tho but it had a fancy cursive and when he wrote stuff it also got a fancy display.

However i am generally a silent lurker so i have not chatted with many x)

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@SmokerT69 you sneaky devil. I have 100% run into you in Legend quickplay before. This may have been before I was a regular on the forums but I remember the name at least.

Now that I think about it, I may remember running into @Frostysir but it’s all a bit of a blur playing quickplay. Have been attempting to be more conscious of names now that the population of the game is more refined. Plan to someday make the jump to QP cata but still do legend due to the variability of pugs so if you’re all in there, that’s why you havent seen me :slight_smile:


Only ever met one guy from the forum and that was maybe a year ago. I use a different name ingame so theres also that.

I usually play with bots anyways. I simply get brain aids from playing with most strangers. I’ll find myself with a good team once in a while and that will make me quick play a bit more but then out comes the idiots and its back to bots

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I do think I remember a @Kitten now. I think you played Handmaiden. But might be a few months ago.


Oh I noticed when you joined our paty once as Zealot :smiley:

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Nice thread! I think I ran into, and have added, quite a few forum people meanwhile… Lemme see…

[Apparently the forum only lets me mention 10 users in total per post so I had to remove some of the "at"s on people already in the thread…]

@Anatidaephobia (made me look up the name), @Unskinner , @Mayzor , @Froh the one time I was playing bloody Elf (kinda badly) for a challenge, of all times… , EnragedFountain , @flisker , @Palesz , @se1z , @OrsonMaxwell , @astroVB , Exanimia off course (don’t let her remark about the Ratogre fool ya; she’s a beast), and very probably a lot of others I forgot to mention or know under different names as well.

And to whomever reads this: My Steam name is exactly the same as my forum name. Feel free to add me! I’d be happy to have you in the list, noob or veteran. I’m usually in for whatever. From a bit of help with breaking into the next difficulty level, to trying to complete a challenge, or doomed-to-fail-in-advance-balls-to-the-wall Cata+ shenenigans. Can unfortunately not play very often these days, but when I’m on I’d be happy to play together!


I heard than @TmanDW never ever play dwarf. I wonder if it’s true.


That goes into the book!

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Might have to take you up on the offer of help to the next difficulty @TmanDW . I have only attempted cata once and we ended up on blightreaper. It was a glorious clustercluck of insanity and the most fun I’ve had on this game.

Need someone to QP with me and tell me when I’m being an idiot :smiley:.


I’m known as TechHeathen on Steam (and pretty much anywhere cyber-related). I’ve come to know a bunch of nice people in game, but most memorably it was that QP that took me into the lobby with @TmanDW and his buddy EqUaLiZeR - the two gentlemen who took me for a ride onto FoW (Legend ofc - none of that Cata rubbish back then), and we actually did it. Still like to play with the guys when our gaming hours coincide.
As I’ve said before, best part of the whole VT2 experience for me was meeting wonderful people on the Internet. Hands down the best gaming community I’ve ever seen.



Oh btw, my steam is linked on my profile here. Feel free to add me.


Feel free to not add me, I don’t like you :o

:frowning: but you already added me