Looking for new friends :)

Greetings all,
My name is Nightshock (Joshua) and I love this game but find it very hard to make lasting friends when I just play quick games lol. I was looking for people that are starting out weaves or even a little progressed in the main game, I am only on veteran rank. I hope to hear from some friendly players soon always want to know more about this game and how to get better, I hope everyone has a great gaming day.

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Hello there good sir, feel free to add me on steam (assuming you play on PC). Haven’t touched weaves yet but happy to hop into the occasional game to get you ready for legend :slight_smile:.

I always get confused with which steam name to give you so have my friend code instead: 40125597

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If you’re a PC player, feel free to add me on Steam - my name is TechHeathen there. I mostly play chill QP, so join whenever I’m online.

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