Hey Fatshark Lounge. Looking for people to play with? Look no further! Join us at the Red Moon Inn Discord Channel!

Hello kindly strangers, I’m Orry, and I’m advertising a Vermintide 2 discord server called Red Moon Inn. We have roughly 150 members currently. The roles within the server go by participation within the server essentially, with several other more specialized roles if you qualify for them. We have also added video guides for all the tomes and grims, made by the server’s leader, AlphabetTaco. In addition to those helpful guides, some damage sheets for all weapons on all characters have been added, and we’re in the process of adding in-depth champion/legend guides for folks who aren’t quite sure what they need to do. And for the nerds, we have also added a ton of the lore pertinent to the Vermintide series and will add more as requested by members, or as lore becomes more relevant to the series, or server.

So no matter how experienced you are in Vermintide 2, there’s something for you in our discord channel!

Please comment if you’re interested and I can send you the invite link!


i would love to join your group… if thats okay?

Why just not put link here?)

I think discord invite links expire.

You can set it to permanent


I too would be interested :D.

Chuck me an invite, always looking for more people to play with.

i’d like to join as well!

id like to join

lets try as well. fs forgot to make any “group for deeds” system, only quickplays

Hit me up.

I’m interested too

Please send me an invite, thanks.

Send me an invite. :slight_smile:

Why not join the Fatshark Discord https://discord.gg/K6gyMpu