Red Moon Inn Discord Server

I didn’t see of one previously existing so I thought I’d make one.

What I’m doing is trying to gather fairly active Vermintide players in the Discord server to create a kind of “Hub” if you will where people can meet and kill rats and junk together, or find (hopefully) decent teammates that you can communicate with and further progress your ability to succeed.

I’m also including chat channels with a lot of the relevant lore for Vermintide, and will soon add things such as video guides for various things, be it shortcuts, tips for new folks, or tome/grim guides, that way it is all in the same place and you no longer have to hunt the web for what you seek!

If you may be interested do let me know!

My steam ID is AlphabetTaco (Jackie Chan profile pic)

If you are interested, just add me on steam and message me! thanks for reading, hope to hear from you!


Only if the Owner of the discord server is called “Franz Lohner”.

Also, there needs to be two ranks: Kerillians and Mayflies.

I will accept nothing less!


“Mayflies” is the bottom tier lol good idea for the name tho

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Need a dedicated channel for lumberfoots

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Why not just join the official FS red moon in discord server ?

The one where you can even chat with devs :smile:

The one you literally see at the bottom if this forum :man_shrugging:

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Well, Now I just feel silly for never having noticed.

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Blood Moon Inn already exists

The devs are likely too busy to chat 99% of the time, the only plus side to that discord is that people on here are more likely to notice it.

I have added game lore, which interested many of the gamers, and the book guides for each map so far in the discord, which is extremely useful, especially for newer players.

Furthermore I’d never disrespect the game devs, as I’m a huge fan, but I’ve had several leave that server and join mine saying that they don’t actively deal with folks who are trolling and being internet trash, and they were just sick of it.

So… my channel has different things to offer than the aforementioned one, and this is why I am making and advertising my own, and not joining the pre-existing one. Thank you.

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Well good luck with that , again -> :man_shrugging: