The Red Moon Inn (Discord) Is Making A Comeback. Come and join us!

The Red Moon Inn is a discord server for Warhammer: Vermintide 2. We were very active roughly a year ago, but the server administrator had to leave. He is now back and we are looking to revitalize the discord server with active players, new or old, of all skill levels. The atmosphere is pretty laid back, and the server itself features an assortment of class guides, video guides for the book locations, tips for new and developing players, and lore for the curious players who want to know more about the backstory of the series. Once the server is more active there will be regular streams on twitch which are typically very comical. The administrator is also making “quality” trap music with the use of the Vermintide audio files, which are good for a laugh as well. If anyone is interested, we welcome all new members! The majority of our members are based in US/Canada, and some from the UK area. English obviously being the predominant language spoken. We hope to see you around the inn!

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