Looking for regular group for weaves NA

Hey all,

Looking for a consistent group to run weaves a few days/nights a week.
I am having trouble putting groups together, even using the Discords.
We would be starting out around weave 60. Happy to do a bit of back tracking if someone needs though.

I feel like it would be nice to have a consistent group for these weaves.

I am typically on weeknights from 8PM to 12AM EST.

Heh. Guess its just like the Discords. Hard to find a group for weaves.

Finding weave groups on NA would be not hard.
I spent 4 days to get groups last week. I am sure you can find groups somewhere…

I don’t mind doing weaves if friends invite me… I don’t try and do them though. You can add me on steam, I don’t mind helping. I’ve only done up to weave 37 though.