Who even picked the people running your discord?

You really need to pick new people to run your discord, we were having a dicussion on lore and i got banned because one of them didn’t like what was said

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If you can provide me with your Discord username, I can look further into this.


I got called a c*nt and told to go f-ck myself just for calling someone a doomer over recent game releases.

I was timed out for saying the word doomer and the guy having a meltdown did not get a timeout or a ban lol.

There is definitely something twisted or wrong with the discord mods.


Discord mods being easy to trigger, name a more iconic duo.

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If you intend Darktide discord to be used by a wide audience and have varied opinions discussed (within the rules), it might be worth just having a chat with the Wardens there and clear up any… issues they might have.

I try to give things a fair shake, don’t like to pile onto things without a really good reason - but the Discord moderation is the worst I’ve seen in any of the tabletop, RPG or computer gaming Discords I’ve ever seen. There’s a very good reason why I quit that place.

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As I have pointed out in other posts, discord is not the way…

Yeh I don’t like it either on any game.

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It’s very alarming that the CMs communicate the most on Discord, where the moderation team does everything in their power to get rid of users, or generally make it unappealing to use. I wonder if that’s supposed to be a bug, or a feature in this context.


they intentionally keep toxic discord mods, and staff.

its part of the demoralization ritual and the culture of narcissistic abuse which are the main themes at fat shark.

I mean look at the gaslight letter we just got, it’s top down.

Discord mods and the sax instruments registry.

Saying the other thing offended a discord mod somewhere and the post got deleted without even a warning, lmao.

It’s how you know you’re right, but they don’t want to leave any evidence behind that they don’t want you to say that.

OP can DM either myself, Aqshy or Catfish with details so we can look in to it, as can anyone who has issues with any action taken against them. We’ve overturned discord bans so I’m not saying the mods get it right every time, but more often than not (almost entirely in fact) they remove people who just flagrantly make the Discord a much worse place for the majority of decent people.

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