Ban Appeal Request - Discord

Sorry in advance for posting this everywhere, no actual clue where I’m supposed to post such a thing.

I have almost 200 hours in the game and am constantly in the discord providing feedback and optimized builds for people and offering constructive criticism. Naturally, some people don’t take very well to this and feel the need to claim they are being attacked.

One such person got tired of having a conversation with me, understandable, and then told me to go f**k myself. Okay, hadn’t called this person any names and stayed completely on topic with my subject. That person then decides to identify that they are a female (maybe they are, maybe they aren’t)?

Anyways, I replied to that person and said, “Yeah, that actually makes a lot of sense” completely interpretational response to someone who just told me to go fk myself. Well, at this point the simps came-a-runnins and pinged the mods. One female mod was very temperamental about my comment and decided that she was going to ban me. When I asked her why my harmless comment had no slurs or name calling and is completely interpretational, why the other person flew completely under the radar for telling me to go fk myself? That mod decided to abuse their power to the maximum extent and IP block me from ever joining the discord again. Now I am pretty sure I can imagine what this moderator looks like in real life, but I don’t remember their name because it all happened so fast (I know gawain was involved to some extent) but I am sure you could check the discord audit log to find out who did it. I am sure nothing will happen to this person and they will continue abusing their power to the utmost of their ability, but there’s absolutely no reason for me to be permanently banned for something that isn’t even 10% as malicious as the actual person telling me to go f**k myself.

The users name that I was interacting with, that didn’t get banned after she told me to go f**k myself, was Socko. Her message is probably still there for reference, I can not get screenshots of the whole thing because my buddy said when they banned me all of my messages disappeared.

ah, the internet at it’s best

You sound like a lunatic and you should probably stop forcing advice on people that they dont ask for.

Someone telling you to go f yourself is not a very big deal, and since you were clearly being excessively and incessantly annoying, thats a fair response.

I dont know how this game’s discord works, but most companies dont run their individual IP’s discords when they have one, so posting here doesnt really matter.

Edit: i actually went and checked what was said and socko said chucklefuckle.
From what i gathered, it seemed like you were deliberately misgendering them. I dont know where youve been for the last 2-3 years but that will get you banned most of the time.

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So I looked into this, and you were banned for deliberate misgendering and being misogynistic. and then when pulled into the timeout channel to cool off, you were rude to the mods. Previous messages to others were also pretty baiting/inflammatory. Appeal denied.

Edit: A word for clarity