[DISCORD] Why I am muted for a whole week?

today I got into the Discord to talk about crashes and others, and after going to lunch I found my account muted for a whole week. Looking through my message history I couldn’t find anything that was ban worthy, no use of heavy language, no harassment of other users, no harassment of the devs (even talking in support of them) and somehow I’m muted for a whole week.
I have no problem if justification is due, but I couldn’t find any.

Can someone please let me know what happened so if I’m in the wrong I avoid repeating the same mistake? I really like this community very much.

My Discord ID is:

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You were timed out for sending a number of antagonizing and belittling messages yesterday. Be nice to your fellow server members, else we need to take action.


That was against one particular individual who was trolling everyone in the channel and kept going after me even after I stopped answering him, a lot of people tagged adms in order to get him to stop. I hope he was taken care too, and next time I see someone acting like that I’ll not try to defend other discord members and developers, note taken.

you could just report them and thats it…

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Man i love these posts, especially when the CM outs the OP as an ass.