So where does Mod Abuse on the Discord get addressed?

Got an issue with the Discord. Mods being trouble as per usual, can’t trust people to handle even a modicum of petty power.

Their power is dwindling proportionally with the player base. Now is the time to attack!

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What’s your Discord name ?

The Discord is used for one thing and one thing only. To find a team.

If you log in to the Discord and talk at all in any of the public rooms you can and will be banned. The Failshark moderators are VERY sensitive little creatures. I’ve seen people get banned for just bringing up a non-Darktide subject and try to have a discussion with other people about it.

The Darktide Discord is a very small, close-knit group of toxic people that do not enjoy the presence of outsiders at all.

You can DM one of the Community Team here and we can look into any such concerns.

I emailed to the appeal domain, Hedge.

Hell what started the whole debate yesterday was expressing my opinion that the Scab Stalkers should highlight like any other shooter since behaviorally they default to shooting at any distance and keeping them as is makes things mechanically janky and inconsistent.

The Darktide Discord denizens didn’t like hearing that opinion at all.

Why do I have a feeling that from your description, some “context” is missing? :sweat_smile:

Because you do this thing called “projection” where you presume that the other person is lying for “reasons” and fill in the void with whatever other nonsense you so desire. :expressionless:


The early days of Darktide Discord was an unmoderated mess. I stopped going there when it was basically a bunch of monkeys throwing feces at each other.

I can totally understand if they are a little excessive with the moderation now, because f*ck, it was bad then. Not saying power abuse is ok though…just that its understandable from a logical point of view.