Which weapon blessings are a must have?

Greetings varlets… need some suggestions regarding weapon blessings… Which are a must have that I should buy instantly if they are attached to a weapon from melk sires "junk"store (means even if the weapon stats are meh, it’s a mandatory purchase to gain that one particular blessing) ?? … Thanks to the beneficent emperor of mankind I could purchase the tier4 power cycler blessing (where everyone claims its a must have regardless the last nerf for the PS) last night … Today there was a ripper gun for the ogryn with two tier4 perks on it, but I had absolutely no clue if they are worth it or not (and my ogryn are almost broke, so every purchase to gain blessings has to be well thought out) …

So, what do u tink? Which blessings should I gain if they appear on sire melks daily trash drop??? I’m grateful for any advice…

Off the top of my head:

Slaughterer on any weapon that can get it.

Shred on tactical axes.

Brutal Momentum on tactical and combat axes.

Thrust on thunder hammers and chain axes.

Pinning Fire on autopistols and bolters


Pretty much anything that gives you extra power is good on melee weapons. Melee weapons that don’t have power blessings are worse (Chainsword, Evisc).


I agree. Imo, particular weapons aren’t meta so much as power blessings are meta. Pretty much all of the “broken op weapons” involve power blessings. Pinning fire is the strongest as it goes up to 100 power and is trivial to max stacks, effectively doubling your damage, thus shredder and bolter are meta. Blaze away at 50 power at t3 is strong, thus shredder (again), flamer, etc are meta. Slaughterer is very strong at 75 power but more limited by the melee range restriction, it goes on a lot of things many of which are meta. Axes have some decent power blessings, which I think do more work than bm.

The flipside of this is you should expect this group of blessing to get a harsh nerf at some point, making investing in them maybe a shortterm consideration.

Like how Headtaker on the Heavy Sword makes it a better Eviscerator in every way lol

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Investing in weapon modding at all is a fool’s errand while locks exist.

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My theory for why pinning fire etc haven’t been nerfed yet is because they’re holding off until they change the locking mechanics. Full power blessing shredder is easily more powerful than ps or flamer were, and yet it remains. Cm has said on discord that the devs are discussing locks, and you just know people will cry when those blessings are balanced, so it makes sense to wait until you’ve got some sugar to help the medicine go down.

Personally I think they could cut all power blessings in half and they’d still be BiS, so locked or not wouldn’t actually make a difference.


Blessings are balanced so weirdly. Power is just a bloated stat that does too much. Increases your Damage, your Cleave, your Stagger. And certain blessings give you a TON of power. Like Slaughter which easily gives +75% power.

Meanwhile you get blessings that give you +20% damage. Or +50% cleave. Or +100% stagger.

Why would you ever want one of these instead of the God-Power blessings? Feels like the Non-Power blessings need to have their values increased drastically higher than the best Power blessing a weapon can have to ever be worth it.

Also explain to me why an Auto Pistol can stack blessings to get +150% power with basically no condition, while Braced Autoguns can stack up to 90%, but only at close range. For 1.75 seconds.

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