Which unlikely Career would you like to see in the game?

For Kerillian, I’d like to see something a little more tanky, like Merc/FK/IB/Slayer/Zealot. A Blackguard is unlikely, but what I’d love. Since we already have a Shade, I’d say there’s at least a bit of a chance of it happening. In WH:O, the way they also used a magical shield on friendly targets would work really well as an Ult in this game.

We’re more likely to get an Eternal Guard, if they add something tanky.


Although most media, and the models show them with polearm type weapons, the first I saw of them was on Warhammer Online, with shields. The shields and polearms look really awesome. There’s also some of them using big swords and dual wield, but I’m not sure if there’s specific lore-friendly weapons.



Yeah, I know these are Dreadlords, but the masks are cool.


Also found these:




Looks so edgy that my eyes started bleeding


I’d like to see a tanky Kerillian.

My unlikely pick for Saltz would be a knight of Morr.
With unique weapon being: 1) shield & 1h warhammer (an accurate historical one) and 2) kriegsmesser (a two handed chop oriented sword).

Saltz arsenal would fit a Morr knight perfectly - they work in a similar field to Witch Hunters, fighting undead. So zombies, skeletons, vampires and other nasties you’d better shoot than get in contact with.



I feel like it really suits him, and the sword is awesome.

For Bardin I guess these are for me the sensible options:

  • Hammerer
    Equipped with a runic hammer. Difficult what role would fit. Lorewise a real Damage-Dealer.

  • Runesmith
    Sounds cool, but a pretty ancient role and Bardin suddenly turning out as one would be odd.
    It would be a very good Support-Role tho!

Nothing else would really stand out.

  • Maybe a Dwarf Engineer?
    Or give him a damn Gyrocopter, that sounds fun.
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To be honest, I wanna see Tzeentch Sorceress for Sienna, a completely RNG based ranged career.
With a whole spectre of event happening to killed enemies.
For example, a foe can be turned into Spawn, hostile to everyone, or random Tzeentch daemon can be summoned upon dead body, or simply explode, etc.
Best part of this career, comsetics, should revolve around eyes everywhere, feathers, colorful flames and tentacles.
Something like that:

Or even that (though it’s AOS model, daemons are basically the same):

Except for one major drawback - she’ll get shot on sight by the rest of the heroes.


A Skaven deserter.

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