When is darktide set?

The intro cinematic begins by saying its the 41st millenium. Cadia is already destroyed in darktide, which occured in 999.M41. Did Cadia get destroyed earlier this year in the darktide universe?

Or was the intro cinematic speaking loosely/wrong?

I’m new to the 40k lore so forgive me for missing anything simple.

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Officially, the current known date in present-day 40k is unknown due to warp f*ckery. There is no clear distinction on when is where anymore. I don’t remember who said it, but a high ranking official in the known lore suggested the current recorded time is likely off by about 1000 years. This is my understanding at the moment.

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I am pretty sure that this takes place within 8th/9th edition timeline, aka Indomitus is in full swing, aka Guilliman is wrecking Chaos and saving Dark Imperium from peril. So it is I think around 25ish years after the Fall of Cadia. I am mostly basing this on that the Ogryn asks at one point “what is Indomitus?”


Cadia as a choice for character creation homeworld should zero in on a specific timeline. I am a casual consumer of 40k. No time for lore, must purge the heretic.

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If its 1000 years after cadia’s fall, then why can we play a cadian veteran who talks like he has fought in the 13th black crusade

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time distortion is not the passage of time


Because he did the time warp (yeah)

As the home of mankind, the Imperial Calendar follows the Terran year. Earth only got exposed to the warp storms for about a month when it happened. This would have been in 999.M41.

The Indomitus Crusade lasted for 12 years and my understanding it is ongoing during Darktide so the latest the current year could be is 012.M42.

As a note the black library retconned the length of the timeline a year ago, Originally this period was just the first part of the crusade and in total it lasted 100 years but it all got condensed down into a 12 year time span.

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