Era Indomitus - Dark Imperium - Plague Wars

From Obscure Bolters to the Era Indomitus – The Incredibly Nerdy Details Behind Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

This is the best news of this year!

I was really very worried, and I would very much like that Darktide based on actual live Warhammer 40,000 background, is set during Era Indomitus.

I’ve been thinking about this since seeing the name of the game under the modern Warhammer 40,000 logo, seeing not just zombies - but Poxswalkers! And I was even more convinced of my opinion when the Developers showed their miniatures without hesitation - there were Primaris Marines too!

And so it will be! I think this is a win, it’s cool beyond imagination!

So no compromise: Forty-second Millennium, Cadia has fallen, the Galaxy is torn apart by the Great Rift - Cicatrix Maledictum, and the reborn primarch Roboute Guilliman now rule the Imperium and leading the Indomitus Crusade to save Humanity. The future is totally unknown, anything can happen and anything is possible.

Long live for Warhammer and Darktide!

P.S: I’m so inspired now, so I know no fear: I can say right - if the Developers come back later to the idea of Vermintide 3, then it must be based on the Age of Sigmar or “new” Old World settings. Love it all.

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Well, Vermintide 1&2 played during the last part of the wh fantasy story so I am not suprised about that part.

But hearing about bolters, longterm plans and different enemies is indeed interesting.

They already said that there won’t be any SP playable Character if that what you meant, if there is SM enemies (DeathGuard or CSM Warband associated with Nurgle) there most likely not going to be Primaris

The Old World is Warhammer Fantasy (just back 500 year or so from the End Time), they would have a bigger artistic freedom if they go with AoS

“The options of using Chaos is almost endless,” says Anders De Geer, Darktide’s Game Director, who also just so happens to have a collection of Chaos Cultists on his tabletop. “From cultists, to daemons, to Traitor Marines, the scale is enormous.”

I find that part a bit confusing, does it mean that Anders has a collection of CCultist minis ranging from Cultist to CSM or that he has a collection of CCultist minis and that the range of possible enemies goes from Cultist to Traitor Marine ?

“We had quite a vivid [discussion about gun caliber] early on between art and design and everyone else,” says Andersson. “We have human sized Bolters, which is their own pattern,” adds De Geer, referring to smaller variants of the gun described in the tabletop game’s lore, such as the Locke and Godwyn-De’az patterns.

So Bolter are confirmed ? (just remembered that Bolter were already confirmed

“Every single interview [Andersson] will talk about Orks, but it’s not their time yet,” says Martin Wahlund, co-founder of Fatshark

Greentide ? WAAAGHTIDE!!!

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While I have no real experience from Age of Sigmar except reading a battletome or two, I wouldn’t mind an Age of Sigmar game or Vermintide III in “Warhammer Classic”. :stuck_out_tongue:

If they keep the same character (Old Worlder are known to re-appear in the Mortal Realm) it would give them a lot of Freedom in therm of Weapon, Enemies and Career (Also they are still expanding the roster of Faction, maybe even a Bretonnian inspired since they are doing them again for the Old World)

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I’d be pretty meh on an AoS 'tide, personally. Let’s just get past Sigmarines and the shameful way the old fantasy was ended; AoS is so huge and magical it loses that personal touch. I mean, everywhere we go in Vermintide is a place we can find on a map. They feel like real little towns and cities that people live in, building houses crammed in next to houses . . . in AoS, we’d be just somewhere on some million-mile wide disc of existence on some plane or another. No thanks.


I don’t dispute what you’re saying about the set-up of the different settings but I disagree with the conclusions. I like 40k because of the vast size of the galaxy and that you can never even hope to be sure of what you might encounter.

I mean, that’s fair because 40k gives different expectations. I like that it’s a sci-fi setting that gets closer to the scale of a galactic civilization moreso than things like Star Wars and Star Trek (which I love, but they have bizarrely small scales for their settings). It’s got an interesting setup, though too often stuff in 40k focuses on being grimdark to the point of dumb, and everything seems to be about adventures of Space Marines over all the other, far more interesting things. I’m glad that Darktide won’t feature Space Marines, because Fatshark fell into this exact trap with Vermintide, and only seems to put in the usual places, archetypes, and themes. Empire, chaos, grungy cities.

But anyway, I’m talking about why I wouldn’t like an AoS-based game, though, over another Fantasy game.

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(offtoic) True. The last one was gilded prince Sigvald the Magnificent. He’s back and even hornier than before.

I’m super excited for possible ork DLC. Imagine things just like in V2 with Skaven hearing rat whispers from your left to right ear getting louder and louder before you hear the swarm roar. Same stuff would be very, very fitting for Orks. You hear ork gibberish, a few laughs and then comes an Ork ambush with Ork “WAAAGH!” screams coming from all directions.

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Apologies for the [off-topic], but I absolutely disagree.

In fact, the Age of Sigmar is not at all what you described. Age of Sigmar is very great and perfect for Vermintide-style game.


Looks familiar?

THIS is what need to transfer to the video game.

You’re arguing something different from me. I’m saying I don’t find the setting compelling because of the sense of scale of the world. You could set a Vermintide-style game there, even make it fun and make good characters - but the setting will still be a little less interesting and personal, IMO, because it’ll just take place (to repeat myself) on one of eight near-infinite planes. I prefer it so much more when there’s a sense of scale. Look at Mordheim, City of the Damned from Fantasy; its remains continue to exist long after the city’s destruction. Events still occur near and in it; characters still mention its name and alter course to avoid or reach it.

On an infinite realm, that’s only going to happen if whatever story being told is intentionally set near it on that infinite realm. It’s different than a place with plausible geography like The Old World.


In fact, a vicious circle.

However, it shows how important it is to make a couple of good games on the Age of Sigmar, free from stereotypes and prejudices. Developers, of course, must have a great talent for creating interesting stories and atmospheres. But more importantly, they must have balls.

I believe in Fatshark. It was a good plan in Darktide to move a little away from the 40k misconception as for Spacemarines only. As I said, moving away from stereotypes always will be beneficial.

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