When hosting, people all crash at the same time


Since 3.4.0, when I m hosting games, party members seem to crash during big fights.
This happened maybe 10 times now so I just can’t host any games it’s too unstable and not fair for other players at the moment.
My own game doesn’t crash so people can just come back in.

console-2020-11-21-22.10.20-ad742885-32e4-4ca5-a59f-1916fbf3fd2e.log (3.2 MB)

console-2020-11-23-22.55.26-46db791e-3d31-4637-8bf2-7cf7c21c2c06.log (1.4 MB)

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One of these crashes is mod-related - I’m not sure which, and the other is an issue in our code which we’re working on. Thank you for your report.

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