What's your favorite build, and why?

What the title says, what class, weapons, feats, and what makes it so good in your eyes? Feel free to also criticize, whether its mine or each other, but be constructive about it. To start things off mine is:

  • Veteran Designated Marksman:

Key to this build is to leverage your core feats, and the synergy between deadshot and the punishing salvo blessing to protect your team from ranged and incoming threats. If you regularly play with lasguns, helbores, and can comfortably snipe with the boltgun and plasma guns you might be interested in this build if you want to try something new or challenge yourself if you run duck and dive instead of camo (details below). In essence, if you’re a skilled shooter with good situational awareness this build lets you get the best of both worlds as a vet (not as efficiently ofc), the precision of lasguns without the vulnerability to armor, and the stopping power of heavy weapons without sacrificing mobility and the ability to clear ranged chaff.


Core Feats:

-Sustained Fire, this will help you put down entire rooms worth of stuff on your own or it can also help extract you or your buddies from tough spots. It also synergizes very well with the fact that activating volley fire instantly draws your weapon, great for juggling between melee and popping threats when the turd hits the fan. This helps remedy the Mk1’s ammo efficiency problem.

  • Deadshot, the sway reduction is what’s going to help you make the most of this build, it synergizes very well with the Punishing Salvo Blessing. The extra crit will allow you to drop things with 1 to 2 bursts. Throw in Sustained Fire to make sure most threats stay down.

  • Sniper, cuz DMG

  • Camo Expert; “Wait wut, lol?” Yes, camo expert, this will allow you to play aggressively without getting deleted, and also it will mitigate your relative vulnerability due to being stamina hungry during combat. This and your stamina regen perks will keep you alive. If you still struggle bring a Mk1 with Hit and Run + Punishing Salvo instead of Sustained Fire + Punishing Salvo. Why not duck and dive to deal with stamina starvation then? Camo expert is more versatile, you can use it to safely push rooms if you’re point man, you can use it to safely revive your resident Leroy Jenkins when he tries to rush a firing line for the tenth time, and you can use it to single-handedly clear out an entire STG wave on your own even if your team is being overrun. Finally, it can also let you survive if you overextend or are isolated if your team’s firing line is overrun.

“But OP, only pussies use camo!” Use your noggin guardsman, remember your training: FIRE AND MANEUVER! Not fire-maneuver, stop straffing like you’re on an arcade shooter or VT2. Be aggressive, yes, but be situationally aware, and move only when you need to. Move into cover, stop, fire, kill, rinse, and repeat.

“But muh unwavering focus!?” Every second you spend dealing with melee chaff is a second you don’t spend keeping your ogryn from being turned into swiss cheese, and your zealot from being spit roasted by trappers and flamers. With good situational awareness and smart positioning you will be vote kicked out of the game, not for being a shitbag sentry turret vet, but for falsely being accused of running an aimbot + wallhacks. Simple as.

“Why not duck and dive if stam becomes a problem then?” Same as above, you can’t afford the trade off in utility unless you’re a coked up John Wick, L337 G8mR. It is doable though, and you can do some insane room clearing, but you’re pretty much dancing on the knive’s edge the entire time, great if you’re an adrenaline starved sweatlord looking to challenge himself, but not advisable to average or above average folk, much less newbs and underperformers.

Other Feats:

  • At Arm’s Length if you regularly play pubs (no matter how hard you try, you will frequently be isolated). Exhilarating takedown in premades or if you’re feeling lucky.

  • Covering fire; demo team is the meta pick, I agree that more DMG is always good, but if you frequently need to pop grenades for anything other than extricating buddies from downs or being isolated by a horde, you’re messing up. With this build your job is to make sure your ogryn and zealot have the room to CC with impunity, overwatch, overwatch, never drop overwatch. Anything that can threaten your melee specialists will be dead before coming into coherency range, do not get sucked into the melee unless you can’t help it, maintain overwatch, kill shooters and specials.

  • Bio Optic is only worthwhile in counterfire builds IMO.


Flexibility and stopping power, with the above set plus the deadshot feat there is very little that I can’t drop with disciplined bursts of fire (bulwarks incl, melee for crushers). It’s hip fire spread is small enough to be relatively reliable for close work, and it’s recoil pattern is mild enough for it to even work for counter sniping and grenadier popping once you get used to it. It also has very good penetration, not boltgun tier, but it can take out multiple specials standing in STG conga lines or when 5 ragers clip into eachother. I’ve even found that its rounds can go through some grates and thin cover although they’re rare. Finally, IMO, it has one of the better ironsights between all autoguns (still needs tritium highlights like the rest though).

The important thing to keep in mind when using this one is to treat it like what it is, a battle rifle, and not an SMG. Most folks seem to treat almost anything capable of automatic fire like the latter in this game. You fire it in 3 to 5 round bursts at close and mid ranges, fire it it like a semi for long shots, and it will serve you well and reliably. Most end up shying away from the Mk1 when they notice it’s one glaring weakness, it horrendeous ammo efficiency and reserves. If anything about it needs a buff is it’s ammo reserve by at least an extra 2 to 4 magazines, and it’s base magazine size needs to be at least 30. Otherwise this is a very solid weapon that definitely deserves more love and attention from vets and zealots alike.

Pretty standard stuff here, tactical axes can work here too if you’re confident in your melee, and the extra mobility feels very good when paired with the Mk1. Any combat ax will do, rashad is my personal favorite, I like the feel of it, and it doesn’t feel like I’m trying to swing a polearm single handed like the antax does. Brutal momentum to take advantage of it’s relatively wide arcs for general crowd control. As you may have noticed looking at how the core of this build is deadshot + Mk1, you will be often starved for stamina, All or Nothing makes sure you can reliably stagger if not outright drop most things if you need to switch to melee in a pinch. If it’s chaff one or two light swings will deal with most, if it’s melee specials, always open with a V uppercut and follow with a heavy or a light combo to finish the job. You can also use V to reliably interrupt crusher melee attacks if you aim for the head, combo between V and heavies and you’ll pretty much stunlock them 90% of the time.


(1 wound or HP) + (HP) + (3 Stam or more HP)

Perks on all three:

  • Stamina Recovery
  • Ability Regen or HP
  • Your preferred dmg mitigation (ideally sniper, bomber or flamer), or just more HP when running stamina recovery + ability regen

All my 3 curios are the same.


Prefer Butcher 3 and Ripper 2. Ripper 2 is way too effective for crushers, poke and 3 bursts.

I am a better player as a Vet …

But Ogryn is so much more fun for me to bull rush horde and see everything flying! So good for defensive, offence, escape, reviving. All sorts. I have weird thing for approaching horder/large enemies from the side swiping to get behind them, then bull rush back through behind them to get back to team mates to stay in coherency.

I hate snipers and corruption hence the curios are all the same.

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This one:

Why? Because it works. The extra damage you get from the 6-5 stacks of martyrdom are enough to make the chainsword cut through anything like butter, and the weapon is already fast, so you can take the bleed talents for extra survivability. Plus with the extra cleave, you can obliterate hordes quite well.
You will be using the weapon special a lot with this build, as the extra damage make it actually useful and worth it.

PD: Please fatshart, rework the eviscerator, it’s crap.

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Also, this one:
I call it the “Enforcer” build, for the enforcer psyker :b

It’s a lot of fun running around landing headshots with the laspistol and the duelling sword. You will have always 4 warp charges with no effort at all. Alternatively you can use the shredder pistol.

I don’t know, the locks won’t let me find the hidden potential of what build I like.


I call it the immortal. Why? It just won’t die.


My favourite way to play the game these days is with the Voidstrike staff on my Psyker. This is her setup:

I just absolutely love the Voidstrike staff especially on Hi Intensity Damnation, it pretty much feels like an infinite ammo Bazooka, lol. Especially once Warp Flurry gets going, the blasts comes out so quickly and with Transfer Peril it can keep doing through events with little need to quel. Single target DPS isn’t the greatest for Maniacs but that’s alright, it does enough and it lets me reach out and stagger/interupt anything short of a charging mutant while hurting them. In a pinch or when cornered, I find the Bloodthirsty + Exorcist combination on an Illisi to be really clutch, allowing for an infinite Special-to-Light-Repeat loop, this feels extremely powerful when dealing with mixed hordes in melee. For talents she runs 3 1 1 1 3 3, which I find to be quite a balanced setup, though sometimes I do mess about with more warp charges. Also, lol, she hates Snipers, with a passion.

My main is my Zealot, her normal setup is:

I really enjoy it because she can do everything quite decently, hordes aren’t a problem, neither are shooters, specials or elites. In a pinch, I do fall back on my gun to thin out elites or quickly deal with a crusher. I’ve never been so much of a scoreboard chaser really so I really enjoy the more of generalist setups that are easy to use, effective in a wider array of situations and can clutch if necessary. She runs 2 1 2 1 2 3 for her talents. Although I dislike getting popped by an unfair, sneaky Snipe as much on her as I do on my Psyker, its not as punishing with her higher health pool and ability to fully self heal from the vampiric talent, thus i opted for more Combat Ability Regen instead.

An alternate weapon setup I sometimes go with on my Zealot is:

Its slightly “sweatier”, lol and has a much higher focus on crits. In general, I just love the swords and never been much of an axe person, so this is just something to have abit of fun with. It can put up her Faith Shield more reliably though and maintain it even at range, which lets her feel tanky, sort of like a mini-Vet when it comes to duking it out in shooty-battles. With this setup and the amount of crits that happens I do sometimes play with Purge the Wicked for Invocation of Death. Sometimes I also replace Shred with Brutal Momentum, but I find both to be decent, Brutal Momentum having a slightly easier time with hordes but Shred having nicer DPS and just procing things like Faith Restored & Invocation more. I do have a similar Antax and Rashad to my Tactical Axe which I feel has slightly better potential but I find them to be a little spammy and repetitive, which gets me bored quickly.

When I’m playing my Zealot with my Ogrny friend whom I can rely on as a meatshield of sorts, I really enjoy also my Eviscerator:

Its pretty fun to just spam guaranteed critical heavies at things, but really its more of a meme weapon, and I wouldn’t take it to a Hi Intensity PUG. Normally I only mess around with it when I am with my friends. I do very much wish that the Eviscerator would be tweaked, either they keep it as unwieldy but up the damage & cleave numbers or they keep the damage and cleave whilst making it abit more agile. Still, good fun to use.

Here’s mine. I’m posting not as a “flex” - but as I’m genuinely interested to see if I’ve got gaps in here. I didn’t include curios but if you’ve got suggestions for each class (with these builds in mind) then I’m all ears.

I mained Zealot first to lvl5, then Psyker. I tend to split time equally now for Melks tasks (25% each) at lvls 4/5, but zealot is always 5 or 5+ and so is the Psyker build. Ogryn happy at 5; Sharpshooter … I can do 5’s but I find hordes a challenge. I hate the powersword.

Bleed build. It’s not a fast horde clearer, but it’s consistent and I don’t need to be bailed out if I play with medium aggression. Struggle with Carapace, but I can solo eventually. Loved the pre-annihilation-nerf flamer even if it was poo-poo’ed by the elite, but right now I’m on shotgun as the flamer has always been crap for everyone else and now is crap for me.

I like the cc / team support role for all my classes, where I can. This is my shock staff build. Happy with this. I don’t top scoreboards, but my mission completion rate is particularly high ~ at least for me vs. my other characters.

I’ve taken what team buffs I can. I actually have a bleed build to support other bleed zealots: not many DOTs synergise, but I don’t think nowadays many people run bleed builds.

I have tried electric baton for stun, but the cleaver is too good atm not to go with it.

My least played and least favourite I’d say. Obviously I have an Autopistol, and it’s a 545 at that, and I’ve been experimenting more recently with the Kant XII… but I just like the shotgun. I tend to walk places ADS firing at shooters. I’ve an Agri shotgun that’s almost as good and interchange.

My biggest weakness is melee; I like to dodge vs. block/hit (I was a shade in VT2) and I’ve not worked this one out on the vet. I’m thinking of going to a tactical axe. I can do T5s - but I need a team at least as good as me around me to get to the end often as not.

I take the reveal enemies + extra reveal traits as when I’m playing other classes, it’s really helpful to have yellow outlines to prioritise shooter targets.

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