What's wrong with specials and hordes spawing just beside you?


I have the feeling that spawing system is even more broken with 1.0.5…
I understand ambushes, skaven should spawn everywhere from holes around you, but when you hear the horn, it’s a horde, so they should come from far… But recently, I see more and more hordes spawn right next to us in less than 1 second. And you can see that they don’t even climb or something else, they just spawn magically. Look at this for example : https://www.reddit.com/r/Vermintide/comments/8asgtf/game_is_working_as_intended/

At the moment, something like this happens at least once per map. Sometimes we can deal with it, sometimes there’s no chance because of a boss, specials and elites at the same time. I think these spawn problems are really unfair. There should be a preparation time for a horde, just like in L4D or like it’s supposed to be in this game.

Moreover, it’s the same case for specials, I see a lot of them spawn in front of me. I think that was not like that before 1.0.5 :confused:


The problem is not where they spawn, the problem is where we stop and wait xD

So, there should be an algorithm to detect where players are and deactivate certain spawns in that radius…

iirc (the original) Left 4 Dead for example had it, that Zombies weren’t able to spawn in the LoS of Players. (I think the Director of L4D2 got a tadmore erratic though)

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Oh yes, works wonder for ammo caches, too!

At this point, its just emberassing.

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that’s something that happened in VT 1 already. One of hte prime spots for that had been just before you fight Kretch. The game regulary spawned 2 ammo chests there

Enemy below 3rd tome patrol says hi :wink:

Patrols are a mess in VT2 too at the moment. 10 CW say “hi” when they spawn in front of you on Legend ha ha !

Another example of great spawn…

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Yesterday i had gunner spawn right in front of me, and hookrat behind me at the same time(in a cave). I lost 75% of my hp just to that. I really wish at least specials wouldn’t spawn right behind/in front of you.

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