Whats wrong with Legend patrols?

Hey guys,

Is it intended that most patrol in legend spawn out of thin air on your face ?

This happen way too often.

Any one know a way to prevent that ? or play around it ?


I hope it isn’t :rofl: I assume patrols should force you to decide between avoiding and risking pulling them in a bad situation or to confront them to save time, but with the risk of losing health+Items.
In VT1, you usually could hear them from far away. Here, they often spawn so near you instantly pull them without intention. Sometimes, the spawns are so off - they spawn even in melee range.
I think the biggest threat on legend right now are the broken spawnpoints.

I agree. Roughly every 3rd round we wipe because we couldn’t adapt fast enough to a close-range spawn. Maybe we rly need a 4th man.

Not really. But IB with flamethrower and a Sienna can take care of most hordy stuff. Leaving 2 slots for enough anti armor, so a IB taunt is enough to finish that 8 chaos warriors standing on your face.
But well, add horde/boss/SSS and there’s your wipe ;o)

Ye horde is annoying when they spawn on your face ( specially chaos spawn seems to be bugged, while skaven most of the time spawn from outside the map i mean where you cant really be ).

But the Patrol spawn on your face or just stay stuck sometimes and then teleport on your face.

I dont know if the bug is, patrol are prespawn but get stuck in the map and then aggro you where they should be if they were not bugged like a desynch bug with server / client.

Or if they just spawn on your face.

I think it is the first one, since sometime we see them stuck and not moving anymore then teleport on you.

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