Facespawning Patrols are back

I was helping my friend complete his Legend challenges for the Engineer and the maps we played today were The War Camp, Athel Yenlui, and Festering Ground.

War Camp- the first drop down in the area with the 1st tome, a Stormvermin patrol spawned right in front of us.

Festering Ground- the bridge after 1st grim location, a CW patrol spawned on top of us while we were crossing the bridge.

Athel Yenlui- in the ravine after the beginning part, a CW patrol spawned as soon as we walked past the chest.

I do not know how consistent the problem is as we only completed those maps once each but 3 facespawn patrols makes me believe the bug is back.


Yep. I got this to on Athel. I literally watched them materialize out of thin air 10 feet away from me.

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