Magical patrol facespawn is still a thing on War Camp


Occurs on fort, skittergate and festering ground as well.

Warcamp is more common though.

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Haven’t seen one this epic in a while frankly.

You havent seen this one in particular? O-o

Was a big deal about it for a while until a “fix” did manage to reduce the amount of times it happened, but before that it happened practically every single time.

Keywords: “in a while”. Dunno if they are supposed to be fixed or not, hence the report.

Oh…thought you meant you´d seen it somewhere else and maybe not quite so close up and personal.

But yeah they did try to fix it but did not manage to do it entirely´.

That’s the gospel, yeah :sweat_smile:

This happened to my group on festering tonight actually

Frankly I’m more pissed about that last Mauler that downed me in that run with his freaking magic figure skating ‘running’ attack, but I opened a thread about it already :sweat_smile:

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