War Camp horde section after battering ram is completely bugged

Just spent easily 10 minutes on this section, only to wipe due to attrition before even getting into the tunnel before the arena (first time I’ve ever had that happen on this section in 3K hours) because the hordes were so f*cking dense and unending that we could barely even make any forward progress.

Sounds about right though, endlesss horde inside their camp, just missing a few spawns&trolls every other minute. Maybe a Chaos pat or two ontop.


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TBH, I have always considered the part between the gate crashing and arena to be by far the least demanding. It’s such a straightforward section, as a rule no specials, almost until the end the enemies coming only from one side, straight at you… And the numbers never seem nearly as big as for the regular hordes. Maybe it was just bad luck? Or the Director heard you brag?

3k hours and you struggle with the easiest part of the map? It has no pat/bosses/specials. Its not bugged.

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