One definite facepatrol on Athel Yenlui, another possibly unavoidable

Issue summary:

Facepatrol on Athel Yenlui (in the ravine, in the right path at the split). SV patrol all spawned directly in front of me as I walked into the right hand path. As I was right there when they spawned they were instantly aggroed.

Had a second SV patrol on Athel Yenlui in a different match, in the large forest area, on the opposite side from the second tome. This patrol wasn’t aggroed as soon as it spawned, but all the players were directly below its spawn location and we couldn’t move away fast enough to avoid aggroing it. This patrol is probably usually avoidable, but we were very close when it spawned, so not in this case.

I typed facepatrol in chat both times it happened, and I’ve uploaded the console log and screenshots of the locations.

Does it occur every time?

Additional information:

Console log:

Attach a screenshot, especially useful if the issue is environment related (such as being stuck, or something related to a specific location)

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I had the exact same issue.

The perfect facepatrol report. Thanks @TheCuteLittleGhost

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