Whats up with Fire Damage on toughness?

Another really annoying thing is how fire damage (from bombers or fire barrels work), if you as much as TOUCH it, your shield/toughness is just GONE… Can it be made so that it atleast gets a few tics before it is gone? In a crowded moment and you’re swamed and then either a fire berrel explodes or a bomber throws a bomb at you, it goes from handleble to s*** really, really fast. Talking with people online, it is clear that many thinks that fire damage works too fast on toughness, is this something that can be looked at?

This is in the game to accommodate the toughness system. No one likes it or the toughness system in general but its here. This is not going away.

yes, and rebalancing it or changing it in any way, shape, or form is out of the question. they coded the game in stone. no digital 1s or 0s were used in the making of DT’s toughness system.

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To be fair if FS responses are anything to go by, he’s probably right, its here to stay because everything is sunshine and roses and daisies, everyone loves this game and they’re all really happy with how it’s been received.

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Id rather it cause enemy damage to bypass your toughness while youre in the fire instead of deleting the bar.

Feels bad to lose your entire toughness bar if even a pixel of fire tickles your toes.

Especially on a class that doesnt regen toughness quickly.

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I could be wrong, but i think toughness was intended to be stronger than what it is, and fire was a hard counter in case players were just immortal from toughness regen.

It’s kind of fine, wish it didn’t come with stunlocks.

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If this wasn’t there, players would laughably walk through fire like enemies do. I think its fine the way it is for area denial. You have to be able to get out of the zone in time.

Barrels can be more frustrating on the highest difficulties.


I think fire is a completely fine mechanic. The only threat the fire specialists have is area denial if you don’t stop them. They feel fine to me. Only issue I have with fire is that there isn’t a global fire resistance curio mod, and that is a problem with curios, not fire.

Also, only enemy fire breaks your toughness bar. Fire barrels don’t I believe if i’m remembering right.

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Fire barrels break toughness too. You do have a moment’s grace in the fire to jump out before it demolishes your toughness, but it’s literally only a tick, so server performance may affect how long you have. Also, fire seems to only deal ~250 toughness a tick, I have +50% toughness on my veteran and can survive in the fire for 2 ticks (wooo).

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I think fire should not negates the toughness. However, fire should impact directly your health and maybe stronger…
But what I think does not matter… as, like others, I don’t think that this point can change.

The health shield system has to have balancers in it or everyone just stacks toughness on items to be unkillable. Some attacks have to bi-pass it or its stupidly imbalanced.

Like I said. The toughness system sucks, no one likes it and its a huge backstep but its in the game and not likely going anywhere. ?Not only will fire definitely still do this, expect additional things to do it down the road.

I think there should be a grace period for people to walk out of fires, perhaps by making fire do heavy damage to toughness with several ticks, but not instant.