Fire needs to not nuke all toughness instantly

As it currently works, fire from explosive barrels does health damage slowly and bypasses toughness shield. I think this is fine as a mechanic as it still damages you but gives you a chance to get out of it. However if the fire from either flamer or the bombers bombs even slightly remotely brushes past you it instantly takes out all 100% toughness regardless if its full or class. Its not a challenge having it work like this, its not a difficulty to overcome, its just overly punishing for no reason. Even dodging doesnt get you outside of the bombs radius in time even if you react instantly.

I think fire can be made to be a threat without just being a “remove all your toughness shield” in 1 tick of damage


This extreme pyrophobia all characters have is extremely ridiculous.
I consider it a bug which should be fixed.
Loose all T in one hit is not how wh40k works.

There should definitely be a ramp up to the fire removing your toughness.

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It forces you to stay on your toes.

As a VT2 player I really like the mechanic.

I get that, but even sprinting doesn’t get you out of the AOE fast enough most of the time. I don’t mind getting caught out, but the punishment for not clearing the area seems excessive.


It’s not hard to avoid fire. Anything that causes fire is extremely obvious and easy to avoid. The problem is that the instant toughness loss and subsequent stuns completely kills any melee and causes players to run and hide until the fire is gone and they get their toughness back.

I absolutely think fire should be a threat, i just think a flame even slightly touching you instantly removing all 100% toughness even if youre full is way too excessive. You can make fire be like “ok you really shouldnt stand in this cos itll hurt a LOT” and still give people time to react. Theres currently no skill check to it to avoid as much damage as you can. Sometimes you cant avoid it entirely, especially on like endless horde where 3 bombers spawn at once and youre dealing with a horde. Chances are you will get hit by one of them, and soon as your toughness goes then thats it


I think they should add a dot mechainc to it and remove the movement debuff and the instant 0 on toughness. if you stay in it too long the burn debuff extends its duration wheich if in too long would burn away toughness and do hp damage.

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I meanm yeah, I can dodge everuthing and jump at foes from behind the corner.
While it is certainly possible it would not make the game fun, on the contrary.
At you have to run from a tiny fire like a lil girl.
The idea that a 3m tall 300kg ogryn looses his sheit when he sees some spilt oil on fire…

I’m so glad a fire post has gotten attention after trying to beg for this change. Fire burning all your toughness is a silly mechanic, not because it not only removes ALL of your toughness making it, but it also STAGGERS you making you just die in hordes instantly or get gunned down.

If the Dev want to keep the silly design, then they need fix the staggering on losing all your toughness because together it just makes it uber obnoxious.

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Yea, I don’t like this mechanic either. It makes flame based enemies infinitely more powerful than just about anything else for no real reason.

Just make them shoot through your toughness instead of stripping it all off.