Whats this new 11GB update?

Been looking for some update forums but cant find any so if anyone can help thank you, im on xbox

…Vermintide 2 isn’t out on xbox yet…?

The beta is up right now if youre signed up for the insider program

Don’t know anything about the Xbox stuff… I think almost all the people on this forum are on PC, they don’t even put up the patch notes for Xbox stuff on here that I have seen. Maybe we’ll see an Xbox main section soon?

Downloading this 11GB update now, also on Xbox. Would like to have at least some inkling as to what it addresses.

Well, if they go the lazy route, they might just be giving you the same exact patches they gave us lol. I know a few game companies that have done this xD So the console version had the same bugs and so on…

If I remember correctly, during beta on PC, they did a 10GB update and we got new maps to test out.

At minimum, the patch made it so that we don’t have to grope around with a mouse-like cursor to open boxes or select classes, the player power requirement to play on veteran now appears to be gone, and the game is nagging me that I have quest rewards waiting that I can’t seem to find.

There is no information anywhere else on the internet that I can find, which does not give me a lot of confidence in the dev team even though the game is a ton of fun.

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